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English Flag In addition to our planned exhibitions, we always have a diversity of art from many different countries, as you can see in our gallery. We arrange tours including evenings and weekends, please contact us to arrange time.
Moreover, we have the opportunity to communicate with a large number of other artists from about 110 countries around the world.

Country Artist's name
Australia Kurt Olsson
Azerbaijan Niyaz Najafov
Brazil Maria Luisa Persson
Burkina Faso, Africa Sylvestre Zoungrana
Canada Rob Elphinstone | Anne-Julie Hynes
Chile Pilar Gonzalez
Denmark Mads Henum | Bo Sigvardson
England Ahmed Said
Florida, USA Francesco Agresti
Gabon, Africa Guy Roger Mouanda
Germany Simone Carole Levis
Greece Georgianna Kralli
Hollywood, USA Erika Wain
India Laxpal Singh Rathore | Haren Thakur | Kishore Roy | S Nimbalkar
Italy Paolo Avanzi | Olga Chernikova
Japan Isao Kurihara
Netherlands Jelke van Beekveld
New York, USA Biagio Civale
Nigeria Emmanuel Ekefrey
Portugal Nikola Raspopovic
Russia Alex Solodov
Spain Roger Cummiskey | Jorge Berlato
Siberia Vaysbek
Sweden Bo Sigvardsaon | Ronnie Holmberg | Per Fernhagen | Bob Matson
Tanzania, Africa Kennedy Mmbando
Turkey Prof. Sevgi Soylu Koyuncu
Ukraine Anatoly Gaistruk
USA Randy Thurman | Elissa Dorfman
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