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Artists from India
S Nimbalkar S Nimbalkar
Nimbalkar draws his inspiration from nature, “the greatest creation of God”.
His delicate watercolours reveal his mastery of light and have featured in numerous shows such as the Maharashtra State Art Exhibition and a one-man exhibition at the Neharu Centre, Mumbai.
S Nimbalkar
24” x 24”
Oil on Canvas
Haren Thakur Haren Thakur
After graduating from Kala Bhavan (Shantiniketan) in 1975, Haren Thakur participated in numerous exhibitions and camps as well as major group and solo shows held in various towns including Kolkata, Ranchi and Mumbai. Known for his distinctive medium, a collage of Nepali rice paper on canvas, Haren uses animals to depict the political situation in India and thus turns his paintings into satires. As a result, his works animate the viewer’s thoughts trying to disclose the secret and figure out the hidden message. Capturing the viewer’s attention with his simple themes and philosophy, the artist says, “Without the much hyped philosophical angle, I want to come out with paintings of serene and simple philosophical attachment” (The New Indian Express,
March 16, 2001). The blending of ethnical and modern art has impressed a great number of amateurs in India as well as in Chicago, Toronto, London.
Haren Thakur
21” x 15”
Mix Medium on Canvas
Kishore Roy Kishore Roy
Born in Kolkata and graduated from Kolkata's Govt. College of Arts and Crafts with a first class in 1990. Having participated in more than fifteen group exhibitions, he has also held about ten solo exhibitions in Kolkata and Delhi. His works can be found in
collections in the National Gallery of Modern Art, New Delhi as well as in many private collections.
He now lives and works in Delhi.
Kishore Roy
14” x 14”
Mix Medium on Paper
Laxpal Singh Rathore Laxya Pal Singh Rathore
Laxpal Singh Rathore graduated in Fine Arts in Lucknow. Although realistic, his paintings illustrate people from Rajasthan with abnormal long neck.
Life in a desert area like Rajasthan is very difficult. Camels need their long neck to reach the leaves of the trees and therefore to survive. Thus, the neck symbolises the struggles in life and survival efforts of Rajasthani people. Rathore’s paintings have brought him the prestige of many awards including the State Award Rajasthan Kala Academy.
Laxpal Singh Rathore
28” x 19”
Water colour on Paper


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Gallery Sigvardson
Henrik Høegh, Member of Parliament and
Hans Ole Sørensen,
President of Culture in Lolland Municipality greet the artists.

Bo Sigvardson
Bo Sigvardson
Artist and Gallery owner

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