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December 12-31, 2009
Bo Sigvardson, painter-sculptor. Denmark
Gallery owner. Click here to see his art
November 14 - 27, 2009
Fredrik Flink , painter. Sweden
Fredrik Flink Fredrik Flink Fredrik Flink
My name is Fredrik Flink live in southern parts in Sweden. I have recently come to realize that it is about time to let other people, except from my family and friends, take part of my work of art. I have reached a point in my life, where I can dedicate more time to my art and I am now ready to reach out to galleries and other people interested in my artwork, in other words I am ready to reach a wider audience.
I believe genuine and true feelings surrounding art is in the eye (mind) of the beholder. The purpose of art is to create interest and generate feelings within the beholder. In my paintings, I like to mix motives of the human inner (and outer) nature with motives external to the human body and mind and the reality in which we live.
Rita Nielsen Ourø , painter. Danmark
Rita Nielsen Ourø Rita Nielsen Ourø Rita Nielsen Ourø
Rita Nielsen-Ourø is in daily use and user-Council-President of the psychiatric social haven
"Skomagerens Hus" in Vestergade 8, Rødby.
The images in this exhibition are all created in the "Skomagerens Hus", but there is also drawn inspiration and knowledge from several stays of Nykøbing Falster Design School.
The images are very powerful and colorful in their expression and imagination begin.
Rita Nielsen-Ourø has shown early talent for the artistic, but it has been more in song, drama and music.
In 1993, however, Rita became mentally ill.
During a hospitalization in 1997 came the painting to play a major role in her life, and it was only here that she discovered that she also had talent in this area.
Holger Stenfors, artists. Denmark
October 31 - November 13, 2009
Kaloyan Iliev , painter. Bulgaria
Kaloyan Iliev Kaloyan Iliev Kaloyan Iliev
Kaloyan Iliev showing Contemporary Cats By Kokimoto.
2008   Specialization in Graphics, Academy of Fine Arts and Design, Lodz, Poland
2007   MA in Graphics, Faculty of Fine Art, University of Veliko Turnovo, Bulgaria
2006   BA in Graphics, Faculty of Fine Art, University of Veliko Turnovo, Bulgaria
1998   Economic College G.S.Rakovski, Varna, Bulgaria
Professional Activities: 2008   Founding Member of the Menzo Art Group
Stella Spiridonova, painter. Bulgaria
Stella Spiridonova Stella Spiridonova Stella Spiridonova
Stella Spiridonova, artist over 20 years of international experience in exhibits, galleries, studios, and graphic arts. Versatile with different art techniques and styles. Create original artworks - abstract and realistic. Knowledge in oil, acrylic, Fresco, gouashe, pastel, ink, watercolor. Valuable in variety of art: figurative and decorative compositions, portraits, landscapes, still life, textures. Art teaching experience with children and adults.
Graduated from Art Institute of Bulgaria, Mural Painting. Continued studies at Oakton Community College, Des Plaines, Illinois, USA with Graphic Design classes. Works as a freelancer and art sales sometimes.
Vildan ISIK, painter. Turkey
Vildan ISIK Vildan ISIK Vildan ISIK
Vildan ISIK was born in Adana/Turkey in 1973. She studied ceramics for two years in college, and graduated from the Department of Fine Arts, Dokuz Eylül University. The title of her B.A. thesis is: “Coincidence & Coincidentally Problematic of 20th Century Painting”. She earned her M.F.A. from Cumhuriyet University with a thesis on “Art Discussions of Turkish Painting Between 1930 and 1970 & The Artist, Being in the Focus of those Discussions: Bedri Rahmi Eyuboğlu”.
ISIK gave classes on painting and drawing between 1999 and 2001 at different institutions in Turkey.
She has been a lecturer at Cumhuriyet University since 2002. She has been working on contemporary abstract paintings and abstraction of various figures at her studio in the same university.
ISIK participated in many national and international exhibitions and she is currently working towards her PhD. at Erciyes University.
Andreas Hessman, painter. Sweden
Andreas Hessman Andreas Hessman Andreas Hessman
Young artist from Halmstad, Sweden
I'm mixing my design and colours using emotions and imagination, with inspiration from the evolution of life.
My paintings also represent feelings and hidden messages/symbols,for you to discover...
October 17 - 30, 2009
Annika Winqvist , ceramic. Sweden
Annika Winqvist Annika Winqvist Annika Winqvist
Annika Winqvist, born in Stockholm 1944, currently works mostly with sculpture.
Education: Konstskolan i Stockholm, Levande Verkstad, Gerlesborgsskolan.
Kursverksamheten vid Stockholms Universitet. Shorter or longer courses in oil painting, ceramics, textiles and sculpture.
Bengt Anders , painter. Sweden
Bengt Anders Bengt Anders Bengt Anders
Bengt Anders, born in Kävlinge, operates in Landskrona and in Sundvik, Glumslöv.
Drawing and painting
Gerleborgskolan 1998
Medlem i Svenska Konstnärsförbundet (SK)
Driver målarskola i ateljén
Delltagit i konstnärskollektiv i Montenegro 2008
Sissel Aurland , painter. Norway
Sissel Aurland Sissel Aurland Sissel Aurland
Sissel Aurland, born 1966 Harstad, educated Government auditor.
Oslo Kunstfagskole, Fulltidsstudium 2004-2005
Kunsthøyskolen i Holbæk, sommer 2007
Oslo Maleklubb, Kurs oljemaling Marius Moe høst 2005
Oslo Tegne og Maleskole, Akt-tegningkurs høst 2002
Nordstrand Tegne og Maleskole, 2001
Kurs i Can Serrat ved Morten Langhoff, april 2001
Oslo Tegne og Maleskole, sommer 2000
Birthe Kjell Lindh, painter. Sweden
Birthe Kjell Lindh Birthe Kjell Lindh Birthe Kjell Lindh
Birthe Kjell Lindh, born in 1948 and resides on a small farm, Berg Field in V Karaby.
Began painting in 1994 in the Civic School registrants, Löddeköpinge, Gallery transformer, Lecturer in the years 1994-1996 was an artist, Emanuel Javelid and in the years 1997-1999 artist Mats Rydstern. Summer of 2000 I was a student of artist Arne Tillberg, Oxie during some summer weeks. Summer 2007 I participated in one of Gerle's school summer courses, Painting of Peter Köhler. I admitted to Romelegårdens jury assessed exhibition in summer 2008.
In 2003 formed the group Coloriterna with 10 artists. We meet once a week, spring and autumn. In spring, we completed a joint collection exhibition at Easter. Exhibition is on my farm field Mountains, where the house now serves as the gallery.
Our mentor is the artist, Susanne Jardeback. Susanne has led me to take turns a bit more, to dare to try new ideas. At the moment I paint mostly in acrylic, and then becomes the most abstract paintings, but in most you can read something from nature or the body forms. I leave to the viewer to decide what he wants to discover. Painting leaves room for imagination and excitement in everyday life.
Nikola Raspopovic, painter. Portugal
Nikola Raspopovic Nikola Raspopovic Nikola Raspopovic
Nikola Raspopovic was born in Belgrade (Serbia) on 01. 01. 1974. In 1991, by the age of 17, he leaves Yougoslavia and arrives to Tournhout, in northern Belgium, where he studies in a local “European School”, while frequenting painting classes at The Academy of Fine Arts of Tournhout.
Meanwhile his familly leaves Yougoslavia, already in war, and moves to Porto (Portugal) where he joins them in 1993.
In Porto Nikola finishes the secondary art school “Soares dos Reis” and enters the course of painting at The Fine Arts School of Porto.
In 2003 he graduates in painting by the same school. His work ranges through painting, drawing, photography, installation and sculpture but his main body of work is painting.
He exhibits his work mainly in Porto and nearby locations since 1998.
October 3 - 16, 2009
Stefan Strandberg , painter. Sweden
Per Fernhagen Per Fernhagen Stefan Strandberg
Resides and operates in Varberg, Sweden.
Painting - poetry - sculpture.
Jhonathan Quezada Lira , painter. Peru
Jhonathan Quezada Lira Jhonathan Quezada Lira Jhonathan Quezada Lira
Born in Peru Arequipa, 1976 studies in higher school of fine arts in Bloom Baca Aarlos Arequipa.
29 exposures between national and international standing of contributor Maca Museum of contemporary art of Arequipa.
Pamela Hjelm, painter. Sweden
Pamela Hjelm Pamela Hjelm Pamela Hjelm
Pamela Hjelm born 1960 in Helsinki, Finland.
Accommodation and studio Blidsberg Sweden
Member of the Swedish artist association (Svenska konstnärsförbundet) and Bus.
September 19 - October 2, 2009
Jenny Stake , painter. Sweden
Jenny Stake Jenny Stake Jenny Stake
"My ambition is to create art that concern, questioning and extends beyond the borders of logic. I believe that the viewer itself always creates its own motives when he or she interprets a picture depending on the experiences, experience and attitude to life he has. Thus the viewer is also a large part in creating a work of art.
Although my motives vary, the recurring theme in all the paintings the opportunity to discover more than was at first glance looks. To call for confrontation against himself.
To touch on a personal level. To steal a few extra seconds."
Barbro Ridderlöf , painter. Sweden
Barbro Ridderlöf Barbro Ridderlöf Barbro Ridderlöf
I have since childhood signed and painted a lot. I also have for many years expressed to me by textile embroidery and weaving. I have a strong need to express myself in the picture.
In the mid-1990s, I found my real expression - to paint in oil on canvas.
The reasons are often drawn from the Stockholm Archipelago, with much feeling of lush natural water and mirrors. Sometimes the motives inspired by old photos from the album or memory collage of episodes from the life. Many reasons have been a women's figure as observers or in the centre of the picture with symbols around the shape of birds, dragonflies and plants in sweeping decorative forms. I like to paint old barns and sjöbodar who has a history and soul.
To get to experiment with varying dagrar is exciting to get the right mood in the picture.
I paint imaging with layers of color and many times with contrasts of retracted fantasy images. The colors and light are important in the pictures as well as the whole picture rhythm and disposition. In the pictures, I want to get a subpoena, a moment or a beautiful view.
Is also autodidact with strong artistic påbrå within the family.
To touch on a personal level. To steal a few extra seconds. "
Henrietta Barker Brynteson, painter. Sweden
Henrietta Barker Brynteson Henrietta Barker Brynteson Henrietta Barker Brynteson
Henrietta Barker Brynteson, painter. Sweden
Painting primarily with watercolor and tush. She has participated in several art courses and have had several exhibitions. Member of Grupp Orbis and Konstgrafiska Verkstaden, Dalsland.
Gunilla Rentzing, painter. Sweden
Gunilla Rentzing Gunilla Rentzing Gunilla Rentzing
I work mainly with oil and water colours but I do also paint on driftwood, polished and formed by the sea. I paint out of sheer curiosity and lust to explore the possibilities offered by the different languages of art.
The butterfly often presents itself in my paintings – not every time though. It early became a symbol for my view on life and life’s meaning.
The butterfly, with its splendid transformation from larva – almost repulsive – to cocoon, the tranquility and contemplation in life and onward to its final unfolding into a never ending diversity of beauty, freedom and comeliness.
A wonder of metamorphosis.
Bengt-Göran Eriksson, painter. Sweden
Bengt-Göran Eriksson Bengt-Göran Eriksson Bengt-Göran Eriksson
Bengt-Göran Eriksson, Born 1936 in Stockholm/Sweden.
Started painting in my early years but after studies in Stockholm and Paris i spent too many years in one of The leading banks in Sweden. Now as retired I spend my days painting in my wonderful studio (109 sqm) here in Ulricehamn - west of Sweden.
Studied art in Stockholm and in Paris (Academie André l´Hote and academie de la Grande Chaumiere)
Getting mostly of my inspiration from the landscape her in west Sweden as well as Denmark ,France, Italy and India.
Have showed my works in many places here in Sweden and in Denmark.
oct. 08 Galleria d´Arte Moderna/ferrara Italy.
dec. -08 Worls Art Vision Cancun/Mexico
Birim Aksüyek, painter. Turkey
Birim Aksüyek Birim Aksüyek Birim Aksüyek
Birim Aksüyek was born in Bursa, in 1958.
He graduated from Veterinary Faculty of Ankara University in 1981.
In 1990, he received his Doctorate Degree on “The Performence of Racehorses” in Health Sciences Institution of Ankara University and he baceme a Science Doctor.
He is watercolor, acrylic and oil color artist. He is working about free horses.
September 5 - 18, 2009
Kate Hellqvist , painter. Sweden
Kate Hellqvist Kate Hellqvist Kate Hellqvist
An incurable desire to paint has followed me since childhood. For many years, is music and singing my big inspiration. Since I have known synestetisk ability, each tonne of their own color value and each voice its own color scale.
Before I begin a painting I listen actively to a musical piece for a long time, between 1 to 3 months, before I grips my brushes and fill them with color.
Until growing unique motifs with exciting color and design.
Trips both in Sweden and Denmark, Norway, France, England, Switzerland, Spain, Greece, Italy, Lithuania and the United States have enriched my knowledge of painting. I have always been fascinated by the play between light and darkness and the tension that exists between them.
My paintings are, to my great delight, represented in many homes, businesses and institutions today.
In this tough, hard and wounded world we live in the 2000's, I would like my painting, which is natural lyricism with elements of surrealism and symbolism, interpret the bright and good forces still exist and gives us joy, playfulness, vitality and harmony .
Madeleine Swanström, textile artist. Sweden
Madeleine Swanström Madeleine Swanström Madeleine Swanström
Madeleine Swanström, born 1970, Solna.
Madeleine Swanström textile artist living in Motala began her artistic career in 2000. In 2005 onwards, she has had exhibitions in Motala, Eskilstuna, Gothenburg and Stockholm. The colors in Madeleines art is strong and she has been inspired by the German expressionism main representative Franz Marc. There is a harmony between the colors and lines, weighing up each other and express a personal imagery.
The material gives the subject an extra dimension and a great depth. Madeleine is also working with crafts and has concentrated on developing a knitting techniques, working with woolen yarn, which she then washed in a washing machine.
Elisabeth Olafsen, painter. Norway
Elisabeth Olafsen Elisabeth Olafsen Elisabeth Olafsen
Elisabeth Olafsen Born 1956 in Norway.
Vrije Academie voor Beeldende Kunsten, Den Haag, NL, drawing, textile (tissue and silketrykk) 1977-79, Oslo drawing and painting school, div courses 1992-94, a local college in Oslo, drawing and painting courses 1996-98, Olav Mosebekk drawing school , Oslo, div. Drawing and painting courses 1998-2000 and 2005-2007 by teachers: Hans Normann Dahl, Oscar Reinert Olsen, Dang Van Ty, Jon Olav Helle.
About my expression and on the topics that interest me:
I mainly express myself through painting, but also work with the drawing. Use the figurative expression, a form of "realism", and tries through this, among other things, to communicate something about human life, relationships, loneliness, loss and longings. Time and transformation of the past. It concerns me especially now for the time relationships within the family; the apparent idyll, enclosed space, the unsaid.
Guri Annikki Torgersen, painter. Norway
Annikki Torgersen Annikki Torgersen Annikki Torgersen
I am an 51 year old woman, born in Sarpsborg, and have drawn, painted, designed clothes, and made shapes or sculptures since I was small. The last 30 years I have lived in Oslo, and in 08 I got my formal artistic education through Nydalen Art School. Now, I have a studio in a larger artistic community, alongside my work as a nurse for the elderly. Having trained in psycho therapy, where drawing, painting, movement and work with the body are important tools in the therapy work I am concerned with the relationship between body, soul and spirit and how these elements are inextricably linked. In my art I try to conjure up the feeling, or sensation of being a body, with special emphasis on different aspects, or phases, the woman encounters , such as sensuality, eroticism, pregnancy, birth, the mother-child relationship and the man-woman as well as aging and death. I use templates and create sculptures / castings / installations. My images are painted with acrylic on canvas, and the sculptures etc.. constructed of plaster, paper and textile, with elements of metal, painted plastic figures, glass, natural materials, etc..
Karl-Gustaf Hellqvist , photographer. Sweden
Karl-Gustaf Hellqvist Karl-Gustaf Hellqvist Karl-Gustaf Hellqvist
Photographic history and philosophy.
Photography has accompanied me all since my early teens. At first as a hobby, but later as a profession, comprising studio photography and externally comissioned photography.
Alongside with my professional work, I allways kept my personal photography going.
After more than 40 years in photography, I nowadays mostly work with personal projects for my own picture archive.
I specialize in black and white photography, based on traditional film and photographic paper for the wet darkroom. Nature is, and has allways been, an important source of inspiration to me. Details, forms and light playing on the surface of water, just where it meets the solid ground,
can give you unimagined possibilities for pictures.
To come to a stop, and just regard and listen to my closest surrounding when I am out in the woods, can give me a philosophic peace of mind that opens up my visual sence.
Everyday life is another important choice of subject to me. By working with both visual and technical care, the future added historical value could be substantial.
To take a photograph in itself is only the beginning of the image creating process. When in the dim, red light of the darkroom, I am able to form an image with the help of an enlarger,
I can experience a feeling for the picture that I have never been able to achieve in front of the screen of a computer. My own visual sence is best released, when I have only the lightrays between my photographic negative and the final image.
Marit Kvaale, photographer. Norway
Marit Kvaale Marit Kvaale Marit Kvaale

Marit Simonstad Kvaale, born 1970, has worked as an advertising photographer since 1986. “I earned my diploma in photography and then establishet my own company in Kristiansand, Norway. Since then I specializes in advertising and commercial photopraphy, and now I am working more time with photography as art”.
“Immediately my pictures may describe the past, but I want to express more. The people and the animals in my art give me a deep respect for who they are and what they are.
When I meet my objects I feel privileged to be a photographer that can catch the moment”.

Grethe Rasmussen, painter. Denmark
Grethe Rasmussen Grethe Rasmussen Grethe Rasmussen
Jeg er bosat i Sundby, er 55 år og maler på deltid.
Fra 1988 og stadigvæk, elev hos maler og grafiker Erik Mortensen Nyk. F i aftenskoleregi
Siden 2004 har jeg draget fordel af maler og grafiker Gunnar Nielsen Købehavn, som dialog- og sparringspartner til stadig udvikling af mine billeder
2004 Seminariet for Formgivning Nykøbing F Billedkunst, tegning, grafik og kunsthistorie
2008 – 2009 Kurser i Non-toksisk grafik,Skovhuset i Værløse ved maler og grafiker Gunnar Nielsen København
Mit kunstneriske udtryk er dramatisk, voldsomt og lidenskabeligt, med en snert af surrealisme.
August 22 - September 4, 2009
Per Fernhagen , painter. Sweden
Per Fernhagen Per Fernhagen Per Fernhagen
Per Fernhagen, Born in Örebro, Sweden, 1957.
Living in Varberg, working in his own studio by the ocean.
The motives span from the amazing scenery of the Swedish West Coast and the dramatic dynamics of the Northern mountains to his most personal interpretations of current world events.
His art isn't restricted to any genre or technique, but instead his curiosity and lust for experimentation results in oil, acrylic, pastel or water-colour paintings - all depending on the motif.
"The fascination in my painting is the result of the motif itself, since it demands such flexibility as the very scenery changes rapidly; its shape, its light and its colours. It's a true challenge to catch the short moment in my studies of nature and recreate the inherent feeling of it.
Annette Nielsen, painter. Denmark
Annette Nielsen Annette Nielsen Annette Nielsen
Annette Nielsen, born in 1967 in Timring, Denmark. The family is a tradition bearer of folk music and dance.
My mother and sister painted, and I tried just as young. Went another route and had 4 children.
Into the night I had dreams where I saw myself stand and paint. Those dreams came more and more often until I for 2 years ago knew that now was time for me to paint!
I paint with "emotions" and spartel, and I never know what coming. I have lived in Denmark, Sweden and now Germany. I have lived in the U.S.A. and some of my pictures are inspired from there.
Niclas Harvia, sculptor. Sweden
Niclas Harvia Niclas Harvia Niclas Harvia
Niclas Harvia was born in 1974 in Helsinki, Finland. He moved Sweden in 2000 in the autumn.
Lives and works in Yngsjö, Skåne. He mainly work in concrete, metal, clay and wood.
He have also painted some with acrylic, but to paint pictures is something he want to describe more as a work outside sculpted.
Right now he is working mostly with metal. With the various materials he is working up sculptures, masks and faces that he can best be described as reflections of the images contained within him.
Guy Roger Mouanda, painter. Gabon
Guy Roger Mouanda Guy Roger Mouanda Guy Roger Mouanda
Guy was born in November 28th 1969 in Gabon. He is a graduated of school of fine art of Libreville in Gabon. Guy works as a painter & sculptor. He begins in carrier in 1999. In 2003 he started to take part to international art events. He also has organized some art exhibition in his country and outside his country. Of course already have participated to many symposiums and biennials of sculpture, in Germany, France and China.
In January 2008 he win 2 trophies prizes during an international contest of ice sculpture in Valloire a small town in the south of France.
Guy has won several prizes; the last was in June 2009 he won a trophy award for his sculptures, exhibiting at the national feat of the culture in Gabon.
August 5 - 18, 2009
Marieke Russel , sculptor-painter. Netherland
Marieke Russe Marieke Russel Marieke Russel

Inspired by her love of dance, puppetry and theatre, Marieke Russel’s art invokes wholly original worlds through an impressively wide variety of media, including delicate bronze sculptures, tapestries, marionettes, dolls and domestic furnishings.
A pastoral theme suffuses her work, evoking images of the forest as a place of childhood mystery.
She also forges a strong link between the visual and tactile arts and fables, folktales and myths.
The use of winged creatures as symbols of hope is pervasive, as is the mythology of motherhood, family, birth and accepting the inevitability of death, all presented as experiences which bear the
supernatural in them. Angels, as well as dragonflies with human bodies, are foundations in her work, as representatives of hope as well as melancholy.
Despite her work’s consistent themes of the otherworldly and the ethereal, however, Marieke’s sensitive reappraisal of this realm also speaks to its implications for those of us in the material world. Marieke is not a fantasist, but an artist who brings primal emotions to the surface via the content of myth, fable and the tumult of childhood. She re-tells ancient stories and presents them to us afresh. Through the pathos of innocence, as well as with a generous understanding of the human condition, Marieke Russel speaks to us from the other side.
Marieke was a student at the school of arts in Maastricht. Ever since, she exhibited her work at several gallery’s in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. In January 2009 she exhibited at the Agora Gallery in New York. In her home-town, Stein, she was honored to receive a culture award.

August 1 - 14, 2009
Jelke van Beekveld , painter. Netherland
Jelke van Beekveld Jelke van Beekveld Jelke van Beekveld
Jelke van Beekveld (born 1945, Eindhoven the Netherlands ) also known as DutchArtistJelke.
A natural talent, as a boy of 5 he drew so perfect, in perspective, that his teacher asked him to show his fellow students and other teachers.
- CRAFTS.TECHNIQUE.SCHOOL. (certificate master carpenter-furniture maker)
- Evening; buildings contractor/profession training school; interior stylist architect(town Hertogenbosch)
- Evening; Agricultural training school;
- certificate horse breeder (town Oss), (this academy became later ac. for industrial design and later Design Academy ,study old painter craft techniques and different art styles.
Although due to circumstances his art painting to hobby was demoted is Jelke versatile in different craft area and built several private companies.
Eventually in later life was the urge to paint no longer more to tame and became jelke a professional art painter. Meanwhile he has a new unique art style created with the name Spacing art' spiritual art from mind and space a explosion of colours and shapes
It is virtually every art style found.
1-7 August , 2009
International Art & Culture Festival 2009

Participating artists exhibit their artworks in Gallery Sigvardson during the Festival week.
IAC Festival 2009
July 4 - 18, 2009
Jane Asplund , painter. Sweden
Jane Asplund Jane Asplund Jane Asplund
Jane Asplund artist and illustrator interpreters with personal mirroring a motive world who spread joy!
Raised in the countryside Jane moved into a young age to the big city. Since then, in Uppsala in a home full of family, friends and pets.
Inspiration says Jane find themselves in a lively imagination, together with the deepening of the reasons she then fills the screen with the colours of the rainbow all colours.
Carina Stejmar, painter. Sweden
Carina Stejmar Carina Stejmar Carina Stejmar
"I paint in oil, acrylic and watercolour, to collect concentration and exercising my creativity further.
I want my painting, gives me mindfulness, conscious presence, created by the painting, meditation, yoga and joy.
The reasons are often from the mountains, seas and lakes, characterized by improvisation and dynamics. Blue in various hues is the favourite colour and light shifts, affects me strongly. Travel and emotional sensory impression, creates a need to reflect the experiences of colour and form. "
I want my paintings engage, influence and change!
Carina has for many years had executive positions at companies, like Ericsson, Telia and Wasabröd. Carina has also engaged politically in Karlstad, and has been a member of the municipal and city councils.
Carina participates in the book about Dalslandskonstnärer: during Konst_Hantverk, Dalsland, Sweden.
Staffan Strand, sculptur. Sweden
Staffan Strand Staffan Strand Staffan Strand
Staffan Strand, Born and raised in the exotic atmosphere of Scandinavia and after almost 20 years in Africa, Staffan replicates in bronze the combined spirits of both worlds.
Staffan Strand's wildlife sculptures in bronze are limited editions only.
Kari Mikalsen, painter. Norway
Kari Mikalsen Kari Mikalsen Kari Mikalsen
I was born and raised in Oslo and has over the years worked with marketing, sales and administration in the stone industry, lifting equipment and components industry. In parallel, I have been expired for creative abilities in the form of needlework, drawing, wood carving, restoration of houses and furniture and has always had an interest in art, antiques, interiors and design.
Started with some oil paintings in the teens, has painted watercolours since 1994 and have on demand specially designed some Christmas cards for companies. Has since 2006 been part-time artist and mainly driven by akryl painting. Began with the copying of famous artists, before I fastened own imagination on the canvas - Landscape, abstract designs, as well as playful and vibrant scene.
Established "Atelier Tranquilo" in 2007 on Onsøy with my own exhibitions.
Anne Lise Kaaby Aas, painter. Norway
Anne Lise Kaaby Aas Anne Lise Kaaby Aas Anne Lise Kaaby Aas
Anne Lise Kaaby Aas, born in Porsager, Norway, lived in USA for many years, now residing in Oslo.
Education: Trading Education, Half unit in forming, Different hobby courses.Painting Education in USA
Basic drawing at North Light Artschool, Watercolor Course at Houston community collage 1985
Oil painting at University of Housten. Pastel Course(portrait), and Acrylic painting at Art Leauge School and Gallery of Houston. Represented at Agora-Gallery Soho, New York from 2001 - 2002. Own studio in Houston.
From 1998 exhibited in a diversity of galleries and other places in Houston and surrounding areas.
In Røa Kunstforening and 2003 Galleri OMK, Norway.
Member of Art Leauge of Houston, for many years, International Society of Experimental Artists
Røa Kunstforening and Oslo Malerklubb.
Greger Johansson, painter. Sweden
Greger Johansson Greger Johansson Greger Johansson
Debut at the exhibition Ung Östgöta Art in 1974 in Linköping (jury assessed). Professional artist since the first separate exhibition at the Gallery Sjödell in Linköping 1976. Since then, some sixty exhibitions around Sweden.
Postcards including World Wildlife Fund Christmas Cards 1997.
Greger Johansson in 1985 gave out the book Nature Notes in words and pictures (Motala Tidnings Publishing) and is involved in the daily press with the natural features and illustrations.
Member of the Nordic Wildlife Art.
Angela Bogaard, painter. Holland
Angela Bogaard Angela Bogaard Angela Bogaard
Practicing artist over 27 years. Professional artist since 1983. I experimented with fresh ideas about the nature of materials and functions of art. Ever since the mid-1980s, I have been engaged conquering and creating my own language in the process. At first glance, my works appear expressive, but they always incorporate social references. The act of painting and the photography/digital art itself is an intuitive process, where emotion and inner communication is a vital element .Communication is universal and splashes through the worlds until the unapproachable. I think that feelings come from the unconsciousness, the impenetrable spirit of each person. I think that art represents the projection of the unconsciousness, giving new forms to ideas with a beginning and with an end. The act of painting and the act of digital art itself is the unexpected keys to enter a new room with an unknown view. The Mental Bridge series is photography/digital art.
Ingela Ullberg Hallonquist, painter. Sweden
Ingela Hallonquist Ingela Hallonquist Ingela Hallonquist

Ingela Ullberg Hallonquist, born 1949 in Årsta, living in Stockholm, Sweden.
Watercolor paintings irresistibility lies for me in its unpredictability. The technology will also allow myself to work quickly and intuitively. Watercolor Painting differs from most other techniques by that you rarely get a second chance. But akvarellpigmenten also has an intrinsic beauty that is lacking in other techniques. The chance to play big role in my paintings.
It is rare that I paint totally abstract, but usually
I have a fairly clear picture of what I want to portray in the head when
I begin, but my intention is never to make an image of reality. The painting will live his own life.

June 20 - July 3, 2009
Göran Petersson , painter. Sweden
Göran Petersson Göran Petersson Göran Petersson
Probably one of the strongest artists in the still large natural painting. An artist who understands and can demonstrate the natural and animal environments, interactions and conditions.
Göran Petersson was born in 1945 and moved from Kalmar to Öland when the bridge came. He has previously shown his work on e.g. Biologiska Museum in Stockholm, on Tidö Castle and Kalmar Art Museum.
When he exhibited at the gallery "A Capella" in Kläppinge on the eastern Öland, he also had a surprise visit from the Swedish nature-loving royal family.
Since the seventies, he is painting full time and work both in oil and watercolor. Göran preferably perform in the wild where he in time of impulse can get inspiration and set the easel. Göran Petersson is a brilliant natural painter, who has an inner feeling and experience that would challenge even great painters such as Bruno Liljefors.
Sankt Hans Aften i mytologiens tegn.

Trubadur/kunstner og foredragsholder Ronnie Holmberg holder foredrag om nordisk mytologi i Gallery Sigvardson.
Der bliver tale om en gyser og et spændende foredrag samt musikalske indslag for børn og voksne.
Gratis entre!
Sankt Hansaften tirsdag 23.06 kl.19-21
Gallery Sigvardson, Østergade 20A, Rødby
Alle er hjerteligt velkomne.
June 6 - 19, 2009
Christina Ljungberg , painter. Sweden
Christina Ljungberg Christina Ljungberg Christina Ljungberg
May 23 - June 5, 2009
Magnus Larsson , painter. Sweden
Magnus Larsson Magnus Larsson Magnus Larsson
Magnus Larsson is living in southern Sweden. He paints in oil and the images comes from the Swedish countryside. He has been awarded with scholarship for design and painting. In 1993 Magnus was selected for a traveling exhibition of young talent. Magnus was elected as Coloramas artist in 2008. twelve of his paintings were involved in the calendar that came out in Sweden, Norway and Denmark. 2008 Magnus completed an illustration mission for SIDA. Ten of his ink drawings shown on a traveling exhibition throughout Sweden. 2010 is the year when Magnus paintings shows in the ”Hemmets Journals” Swedish Art Calendar.
6 Cuban artists.
Silvia Haydee Delgado Alvarez
Silvia Haydee Delgado Alvarez
Elene Delgado Alvarez
Elene Delgado Alvarez
Nicolas Delgado Erustes
Nicolas Delgado Erustes
Paleagae Rigoberto
Paleagae Rigoberto
Raimundo Lopez-Silvero
Raimundo Lopez-Silvero
Eytihia Petala, paintings, graphic. Greece
Eytihia Petala Eytihia Petala Eytihia Petala
I live and work in Kilkis. I've studied for five years in an Printmaking Research Center and Workshop Helios in Salonika, for 5 years study art and colour in an art workshop of my town Tehni Kilkis. I`ve taken
part in a number of seminars about art and technology of art in Kilkis and Salonika. Ceramics is also one of my hobbies which I attended in the ceramics workshop of Kilkis for seven years. For almost two years I've taken photography, two years saint painting courses. I'm an active member of RED Cross and member of UNESCO and active member of ARGONAUTES Kilkis a folklore civil organization. I've taken part in lots of painting, print exhibitions like.
May 9 - 22, 2009
Martin Severinson , painter. Sweden
Martin Severinson Martin Severinson Martin Severinson
Martin Severinson - painter, graphic artist and konceptualist - seeking that which is close to life. I am now working with poetic humor and keen calm where I sacred everyday shape views in which characters meet and exchange experiences. I work in white areas with layers and structure, where the game line and volume formation hovers in a room. I debuting in Spring with my book "When you are at home" - a call about the art and life conditions.
Inga Malmros, Painter. Sweden
Inga Malmros Inga Malmros Inga Malmros
I was born in 1927 and raised in the town of Lund in southern Sweden. In the 60's I lived close to the nature in Bergslagen, the great mining district of Sweden. The forrest and nature inspired me in my art and have continued to do so through the years.
I later moved and since the 70's the Malmö region in the southern Sweden has been my home. For ten years I worked with tapestries on which I captured man at work. Faces inspires me as the inner and outer landscape of the human being. I began painting portraits in the early 80's.
Today I'm mostly trying to capture the social origin of the woman in early cultures and myths.
Lisbeth Engelin-Lindh, sculpture. Sweden
Lisbeth Engelin Lindh Lisbeth Engelin Lindh Lisbeth Engelin Lindh
Born in Bohuslän. Autodidakt.
First, I started painting at an early age.
My Grandpa taught me much about nature.
Color in, scenic inspiring, made me to want to shape my feelings, with my hands. Then there was the mud agility, movement, scent-expression.
Then came the requirements to stand on its own feet, the training that was closest to Color o Shape, became four-year Hair artist education with journeyman Letters and Crafts Letter to Stock Exchange in Gothenburg.
Longing to devote myself to art grew.
Sculpting became like a thread within me. In the early 80's I came in contact with an artist group in Dalsland and started sculpting. I have always been interested in culture and myths.
I worked with various themes, such as the seasons - the four elements.
Right now I develop further what is happening around us. Tutorials, courses on Gerlesborgs school, with different techniques.
Gunnar Nilson , painter. Sweden
Gunnar Nilsson Gunnar Nilsson Gunnar Nilsson
Born 1951 in Luleå, Norrbotten
1975–77 Painting Studies at Lunnevads Folkhögskola, Östergötland
1977 Color Theory and Composition of prof. K-G Nilsson
1978 Painting Studies in San Terenzo, Italy for artist Bertil Andersson
1979 Elected Linköpings-konstnärerna
1990–94 Teacher of Painting and Color Theory at Liljeholmens Fhsk, Rimforsa
1994–1999 Lecturer in Illustration and Digital Imaging, Linköping
1999 -2007 Graphic Designer
2007 - Artist
Techniques: Al Fresco – Lithography - Oil - Tempera
March 28 - April 10, 2009
Vaysbek , sculptor. Russia-Siberia
Vaysbek Vaysbek Vaysbek
Vaysbek was born 1974 in the siberian town, Rubtsovsk at the edge of Altay territory. He studied choir at a music school. His passion for sculpture dating back to adolescence. He has only recently begun to show his art in public.
March 14 - 27, 2009
Jarre Kronbrink , painter. Sweden
Jarre Kronbrink Jarre Kronbrink Jarre Kronbrink
Born in 1947 in Tjekoslovakia.
Lives and works in Sweden, since 1969.
Resident in Kalmar. Painting in oils and watercolor.
Educated at the Art Industrial School in Prague and
Folkhögskola, 2-yearaesthetic line in Leksand.
"Music and the man in motion increasingly captures my attention.
To make a dance, be it on the ice or the dance floor is a great pleasure for me equally large if not larger to let the brush dance with different colors to the rhythm of music and finally get a EVOLUTION swirling in the world of watercolor..."
Hui Juan Melgårdsbakken, painter. China-Norway
Hui Juan Melgårdsbakken Hui Juan Melgårdsbakken Hui Juan Melgårdsbakken
Hui Juan Melgårdsbakken, Born 1954 in Nanjing, China.
Lives and works in Norway since 1991.
2008 - Xi’an Academy of Fine Arts in China (Graphic)
2005 – Xi’an Academy of Fine Arts in China (Oil painting)
2003 – 2005 Oslo Kunst Fagskole
2001 – Friundervisningen i Oslo Tegning og Maling
Januar 31 - Februar 13, 2009
Enisa Ristic, painter. Sweden
Enisa Ristic Enisa Ristic Enisa Ristic
Enisa Ristic, born 1955 in Doboj, Bosnia and Herzegovina, but in 1992 my family and I moved to Sweden and settled in Ronneby.
Formally graduated in economics, but I have always enjoyed painting. 16 years old I began with aquarelles. However my new life in Sweden sparked an artistic renaissance. The paintings are simple with the dramatic effects and in most cases, but unconsciously, they depict flowers and women. Now I am working mainly in oils and aquarelles.
I believe that art can be anything as long as it involves and contains sufficient emotion. I paint in order to express myself to others and give the spectator room for their own interpretation.
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