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December, 2010
Bo Sigvardson, paintings, sculptures, litography.
National and international artists.
Marie Euvodie Volmar

Marie Euvodie Volmar, Haiti

November 13 - 26, 2010
Konstantinos Botas ( Pimba), painting, woodcarving, photography. Greece
Konstantinos Botas (Pimba) Konstantinos Botas (Pimba) Konstantinos Botas (Pimba)
I was born in Giannitsa (Northern Greece) in 1966.
I am a self-educated painter, woodcarver and a member of the Greek Plastic Arts Chamber since September 2002. My first exhibition was held in Giannitsa (ink drawings) at the age of 24. In total, I have shown paintings in two exhibitions held in Thessaloniki and wood sculptures and paintings, in three occasions, in Athens.
In Summer of 1988 I visited for the first time the island of Gavdos (Crete). There, I came across my nickname ‘Pimba’, which in the local dialect means ‘complete’. In The following years, I was sculpting ornaments out of cedar wood, selling them to the visitors of the island.
Since 2005, I paint with airbrush, first with ink on paper and later acrylics on canvas, drawing my themes (nude, landscape, nature) from my pictures. The last years I divert my time between the island of Gavdos (during Summertime) and New Iraklia in Chalkidiki (in winter), where my atelier is located.
October 30 - November 12, 2010
Kasia Turajczyk, painter. England
Kasia Turajczyk Kasia Turajczyk Kasia Turajczyk
Kasia Basia Turajczyk: Born in Poland, I have lived in several countries with different political systems; diverse cultures, different languages, peoples, and landscapes and that fact has had a big influence on my development and growth as an artist and a human being. I work in diverse fields of art: paintings, drawings, installations, collages, fantasy art and new media.
One very important inspiration for my recent art work is the nature of Devon in UK, where I live and work at the moment. Nature is also a source of material for my new work. Because of that, I have achieved some very interesting structural effects in my varied work.
Julia Proszowska Lund, painter. Norway
Julia Proszowska Lund Julia Proszowska Lund Julia Proszowska Lund
Julia Proszowska Lund. She comes from Poland. For 3 years she studied graphic at Academy of Fine Arts, but she found more interests in painting. So she graduated Painting Faculty at Academy of Fine Art in Katowice. In 2007 she received her Diploma. Her main field of interest is painting and graphic.
She is inspired by human body.
4 years ago she moved to Norway, where she have her own atelier in Kapp Melkefabrikk.
Rita Nielsen-Ourø , painter. Danmark
Rita Nielsen Ourø Rita Nielsen Ourø Rita Nielsen Ourø
Rita Nielsen-Ourø is in daily use and user-Council-President of the psychiatric social haven
"Skomagerens Hus" in Vestergade 8, Rødby.
The images in this exhibition are all created in the "Skomagerens Hus", but there is also drawn inspiration and knowledge from several stays of Nykøbing Falster Design School.
The images are very powerful and colorful in their expression and imagination begin.
Rita Nielsen-Ourø has shown early talent for the artistic, but it has been more in song, drama and music.
In 1993, however, Rita became mentally ill.
During a hospitalization in 1997 came the painting to play a major role in her life, and it was only here that she discovered that she also had talent in this area.
Claus Arndt Nielsen, painter. Denmark
Claus Arndt Nielsen Claus Arndt Nielsen Claus Arndt Nielsen
Imaginative, philosophical and colorful are 3 items I use a lot of when I paint a painting ... .. fabulous because stories can be wonderful, happy, scary or sad. Philosophizing because anyone can get the story told without getting the answers of the knowledge and Colourful because they quite often bring smiles and joy until even after the saddest story or scary thought
Sašo Petroševski Novak, painter. Croatia
Sašo Petroševski Novak Sašo Petroševski Novak Sašo Petroševski Novak
Was born in Rijeka on Susak, Croatia. He graduated from University of Zagreb and currently lives and works in Zagreb, Croatia.
In his most recent phase, Sasa has concentrated on the effect of colour, the sublimation of form and the recreation of the impressive ambiences. Details of the Istrian landscape serve as his inspiration.
His painting and expression of motifs show a constant striving for consistent communication between the seen and the experienced. They range from simplicity of expression, involving symbolism to the modification of form and finally to entry in the domain of abstraction.
Ghana Junior All Stars performing in Gallery Sigvardson,
October 4, 2010
Ghana Junior All Stars Ghana Junior All Stars Ghana Junior All Stars

International Art Fair

Oct 2- 6, 2010 in Rødby, Denmark

The Cultural Society Art Vision and Gallery Sigvardson.
September 18 - October 1, 2010
Annette Steens, painter. Norway
Annette Steens Annette Steens Annette Steens
Annette Steens, born in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.
In 2004 emigrated to Norway where the nature became a kind of big inspiration to me.
Started suddenly in 1995 with painting, for to work out sad memories.
Before that time never done something with painting or drawing. It was never my favourite lessons at school!
Inspiration I get from people, animals such as birds, so “Nature” in all his glory.
This is coming out of a strong feeling that we live eternal  and that everything is coming of just "One Source”!
September 4 - 17, 2010
Susanne Jardeback, painter. Sweden
Susanne Jardeback Susanne Jardeback Susanne Jardeback
"Jag arbetar i teknikerna olja, akryl samt collage. Den koloristiska känslan är alltid starkt närvarande in i den abstrakta världen.
Mitt liv som konstnär har varit och är en ständig nyfikenhet att gå framåt i mitt skapande. Att se vad färger och former som föds inom mig kan få för uttryck. Att inte fastna, utan att vara fri!"
Lynn Bennett-Mackenzie, painter. Scotland
Lynn Bennett-Mackenzie Lynn Bennett-Mackenzie Lynn Bennett-Mackenzie
Lynn Bennett-Mackenzie is an established artist living and working in northwest Scotland.
Lynn works in various media – oils, mixed media, watercolour & pen & ink. Her work is evocative of the Highlands and is inspired by the light, colours & stories of the area as is particularly evident in her pen & ink drawings.
She has shown work in various exhibitions and community projects including The Big Picture, Wild Wood and more recently Landfill art, an international project still in progress.
Lynn Bennett-Mackenzie is an active member of Highland Open Studios and is interested in building awareness and promoting the arts to a wider public audience in the Highlands.
Her work is innovative, original and versatile and aims to capture an essence of emotion in her work, drawing the viewer in to the story that unfolds.
Aoife Joyce, painter. Ireland
Aoife Joyce Aoife Joyce Aoife Joyce
Aoife Joyce is a self taught Artist that grew up enjoying the country air in the heart of Ireland, Connemara, Co. Galway.
Having kept with her the beauty, freedom and vibrancy that this childhood offered, her art now summons a sense of that childhood imagination while bringing mystery and colour also.
The use of colour throughout Aoife’s work invokes a feeling of energy and emotion within its audience and allows the fantasy and imaginary worlds that are within us all to come to life.
Marianne Eilskov Hansen, painter. Denmark
Marianne Eilskov Hansen Marianne Eilskov Hansen Marianne Eilskov Hansen
Klassisk kunst har altid interesseret mig. I min ungdom tog jeg ofte ind på Glyptoteket for at se på de klassiske statuer af Bissen, Thorvaldsen, Jerichow, malerier af Eckersberg, Bloch, Abildgaard. Da jeg selv begyndte at beskæftige mig med at male, blev det til hobby og afslapning, ikke noget jeg seriøst modtog undervisning i. I min orlov fra præsteembedet i Rødbyhavn tog jeg på Helnæs Højskole og modtog der undervisning af Alexander Thieme. Jeg bad om undervisning i nyklassicistisk stil og det fik jeg. Det var lærerigt og bestemt ikke nemt. Men det var fascinerende at stifte bekendtskab med et håndværk, hvor billedet i den tekniske proces begynder at leve sit eget liv. Jeg udstiller blandt andre de tre billeder, som blev mine øvelsesprojekter. Endelig blev den verden, som altid har interesseret mig, åbnet for mig.
Marianne Eilskov Hansen
August 21 - September 3, 2010
Trudy Canwood, painter. Netherlands
Trudie Canwood Trudie Canwood Trudie Canwood
Trudie Canwood studied textile design but for a long time never used her skills professionally. Instead she started a career in the business world.
When she had to stay home on sick leave for almost a year in 2001 she came to the conclusion that she needed to break new ground in her life and decided to pick up her old profession again trying to make a start as textile and interior designer.
First however in 2002, Trudy went on summer holiday with her family to Curacao where her husband was born. Once back home she started painting very simple, colourful paintings with an unmistakable Caribbean feel. One year later she sold her first paintings through Gallery Alma Blou on Curaçao. Since that moment her artistic career really took off and now her work is sold all over the world.
Ann-Margrete Clarén, painter. Sweden
Ann Margrete Clarén Ann Margrete Clarén Ann Margrete Clarén
Varför tjurar? Liksom tjuren Ferdinand är tjurfäktning ingenting för mig. Har försökt att förstå detta skådespel, läst böcker, varit på tjurfäktning, men detta förstärkte bara min inställning, om detta tycker jag INTE.
Därför har mina tjurar guldhorn, 24 karats bladguld. Man arbetar först med en limgrund som skall verka i 12 tim innan arbetet med bladguldet kan börja, och DÅ gäller det att hålla andan, anars flyger de lövtunna bladen likt en fjärils vingar, har hänt och detta är ..............
Hästar liksom ballerinor och musikbilder finns också i mitt skapande
Joackim Schou Dahle, painter. Norway
Joackim Schou Dahle Joackim Schou Dahle Joackim Schou Dahle
Joackim Schou Dahle er utøvende billedkunstner og bosatt i Gjøvik. Han jobber med akryl på lerret og resultatet er fargerike komposisjoner med spennende overflater og nyanser. De siste årene har han gått videre i sin kunstneriske utvikling, og har nå inkludert linoleumstrykk og tresnitt i produksjonen, samt arbeid med installasjoner. Med base i atelieret har Schou Dahle også drevet privatundervisning. Han har hatt flere kurs for voksne i akt og croquis, individuell- og gruppeundervisning for barn, samt undervisning i grafisk trykk.
Conny Nielsen, painter. Denmark
August 19 - 29, 2010
Maria Pinto , painter. Netherlands
Maria Pinto Maria Pinto Maria Pinto
i am a self taught artist.
i love to draw and paint.
especially creative portraits.
i love faces ,and i like to add something special to it.
i mostly make music related art.
iregulary attend exhibitions and art markets in the netherlands
August 7-20, 2010
Nimet Keser, painter. Turkey
Nimet Keser Nimet Keser Nimet Keser
I am an assistant professor at the Dicle University Ziya Gökalp Faculty , Education, Department of Teaching Painting since 2007. Also I had worked for  Cumhuriyet University, Sivas and Ankara University as a lecturer for 7 years .
I have had Master’s degree(Arts degree) in Art from Hacettepe University, Art Department of Painting, Ankara  Turkey. I have had my phd degree in Fine Art Education from Ankara University, Ankara Turkey.
Hans Persson, painter. Sweden
Hans Persson Hans Persson Hans Persson
Jag är autodidakt och född 1947. Sedan 15-års ålder har jag målat i perioder, och bedrivit självstudier i måleri.
Jag arbetar mycket med relationen mellan ljus, skugga och färg och hur de kommer till uttryck på olika ytor.
Människor är viktiga för mig i mina bilder. De illustrerar en psykologisk dynamik och strävar efter att skapa en relation som i bästa fall appellerar till betraktarens egen erfarenhet och historia.
Jag är därför också intresserad av förhållandet mellan motivet och titeln på målningen. Titelns syfte är att lägga en tidsdimension till målningen. "Ett före" och "ett efter" introduceras hos betraktaren. Bilden blir ett fruset ögonblick i en tidskedja skapad av betraktaren.
Stella Velka, painter. Slovakia
Stella Velka Stella Velka Stella Velka
In my soul is best important freedom and sun. Maybe for it I like painting butterfly, fly and sunflower. I want give to every my work positive energy. I love life. Make me happy when my visitors feel it.
I prefer oil and soft pastel, but I am also creating collages, graphics, mixed media and many others too.
In this exhibition I would like to introduce my new project: “WINGLIKE”.
I want communicate be my paintings with visitors about freedom, fly, flying, and wing. You can see my real or abstract works.
Rita Fetisov, painter. Israel
Rita Fetisov Rita Fetisov Rita Fetisov
I was born in May 1977 in small city of Belarus - Polozk. Remember myself began drawing at age 4 or even earlier. My favourite subjects have always been fairy,fantasy,princess.
In 1990 I with my family emigrated to Israel.I graduated from Haifa University in 2000.
In 2002 I graduated graphic designer college.
Since then I work as an artist, book illustrator,graphic designer and art teacher .
At the moment I 'm working mostly with acrylic paints but I love the silk painting ,watercolour,coloured pencils and many different technics and materials.
I want you find the magic, love and fairytale that you heard in your childhood and never forgett in my works.
I believe that the idea can bring light into anyone's world.
I hope you will enjoy my paintings and drawings as much as I enjoyed them!
August 1-6, 2010
International Art Culture Festival 2010
July 17 -30, 2010
Siri Balke Hveem , painter. Norway
Siri Balke Hveem Siri Balke Hveem Siri Balke Hveem
I first studied 1 year at Memphis College of Art and then 3 years of drawing and painting as a major at Laguna College of Art & Design in California. After that i was a student with Odd Nerdrum for a while.
Now i have my own studio in Toten, Norway. I've been teaching art and done commissions.
Annika Eriksson , painter. Sweden
Annica Eriksson Annica Eriksson Annica Eriksson
Mitt skapande bygger på att förmedla en känsla, en upplevelse eller association. Jag strävar efter att betraktaren ska fångas av känslan till den abstrakta bilden.
Jag arbetar företrädesvis med vattenbaserad olja, goache och akryl och jag blandar gärna olika tekniker i mina målningar.
Mitt målande är till stora delar autodidakt men jag har en konstnärlig grundutbildning och kurser från Gerlesborgs konstskola, Hjo folkhögskola och Ljungskile folkhögskola.
Kerstin Björk Nilsson, painter. Sweden
Kerstin Björk Nilsson Kerstin Björk Nilsson Kerstin Björk Nilsson
Utbildning: Måleri, teckning, porträtt och silversmide genom Studieförbund,Lunds Folkuniversitet och Folkhögskolor. Teknik: Olja på linneduk med pensel och kniv. Motiven varierar: Mina motiv hämtar jag från naturen genom fotografering menjag jobbar även med fritt målande. I mina tavlor använder jag varma och starka färger. Mitt mål med konsten: Betraktaren skall bli glad vid beskådandet av mina konst." Mitt sätt att ge UTTRYCK i konsten hoppas jag skall ge INTRYCK hos betraktaren"
Karin Beatrice Levin, painter. Sweden
Karin Beatrice Levin Karin Beatrice Levin Karin Beatrice Levin
Konsten har varit en del av mitt liv så länge jag kan minnas. Det var därför självklart att börja estetiska gymnasie skolan C4 i Kristianstad som jag gick ut 1998.
Men det var inte förrän våren 2003 jag började Önnestads folkhögskola med även där estetisk inriktning. Detta var en utbildning på endast en termin så jag började direkt efter denna på Kristianstads konstskola, som jag avslutatade i maj 2005.
Jag medverkar även i illustratörsboken SWEILL. Har länge varit intresserad av 1700-tals målningar och har i det senare lagt mer koncentration på det.
July 3 -16, 2010
Tove Haukeli, painter. Norway
Tove Haukeli Tove Haukeli Tove Haukeli
Født,oppvokst i Trondheim, bodd voksne liv på OPPSAL.
Alltid vært opptatt med tegning,maling,form-farge.tekstil etc.. UTDANNING og VIRKE
Interiørarkitekt diplom 73 (MIAA)
Studentersamf.1-årige Tegne-malskole dagskole,v/Kåre Jonsborg
EPA 1-årige Husflidskole
MI-instituttets 1/2 årig dagskole, Interiørdesign
Arkitektforeningens 2 stk. 1/2 årige AMO dagkurs
Oslo Tegne-maleskole, dagskole, 3.avd.
Mosebekk tegneskole, dagskole 2 1/2 år, H.N.Dahl,Thy,O..R.Olsen +div.kurs/ateliè
Oppsal maleklubb v/B.Berbom 1 kveld pr.uke 14 år
Medl.OMK, fra1976,fremdeles.(Sekr.i styret 80-årene)kurs,kroki,utstillinger,
Anders Eklund, painter. Sweden
Anders Eklund Anders Eklund Anders Eklund
I am an animal and nature painter from Djurmo at the river Dalälven in Sweden . In the beginning I worked mostly with cartoons and caricatures often colored with watercolor. Since the mid-90s, I started with animals and nature paintings.
In my youth I studied by correspondence with famous artists. I have also studied wild life painting by Lennart Sand and Kjell Strömsmoen. Otherwise, I am self-taught and have read everything I could find about art and art supplies. I have also studied the paintings in detail by my favourite painters Bruno Liljefors, Anders Zorn, Monet, Constable, Corot and others to learn the technique.
I have participated in various group exhibitions in Dalarna and Värmland since the mid 90s. I have also had a solo exhibition in the library of Älvdalens in 2005. The last few years I have exhibited in Borlänge in an exhibition by the name of Four wild life painters.
Fyrklövern is a company in direct sales of china, glass and other home decoration products. Fyrklövern has issued two series of collector plates with my subjects. First, a series of three plates called Animals in winter and partly a series of three plates called Animals in the morning light.
I work mostly with oil paints but also with watercolor paints and pastels.
June 19 -July 2, 2010
Ulf Backman, painter.Sweden
Ulf Backman Ulf Backman Ulf Backman
I´m a watercolour painter living in Brantevik, Sweden.
What makes the watercolour-technic so interesting for me?
The answeer is: that it is so difficult! You need a plan. How do you catch the light? How can you master the process? The unexpected is allways present, witch is thrilling, but you need control. You need to know when, and why, how the paper behave, how the colours behave (different colours have different behaviours!), how much water you need(timing!), how dry it has to be before you continue(timing again!) and - perhaps the most important thing of all - you need to know when your painting is ready.... and stop. Somebody has said that a painting is ready just before it is spoiled - and that´s true! Education: Several courses with teachers as Göran Rücker, Hasse Karlsson, Arne Isacsson, Lars Holm and Morten Paulsen.
Member of: The Nordic Watercolour Society and The Swedish Artist Association
Hui Juan Melgardsbakken, panter. China-Norway
Hui Juan Melgårdsbakken Hui Juan Melgårdsbakken Hui Juan Melgårdsbakken
My main task is to Oil Painting, as well as engraving, and traditional Chinese ink painting.
In my work, you can see the illusion of freedom and charming, bold and bright colors. You can also see elements of Chinese culture and modern Western elements of overall performance.
I have since 2006 been organizing exhibitions, private collection of pieces of work have been.
This is my second show in Denmark. Hoping to get more support from the Danish audience.
Kristina (Kicki) Granholm, painter, sculptor. Sweden
Kicki Granholm Kicki Granholm Kicki Granholm
Född i Stockholm men lämnade storstaden för ca 30 år sedan. 2-årig utbildning inom olika konsthantverk och en 2-årig keramisk utbildning. Arbetat med konst och konsthantverk under alla år.
Projektledare för ett EU-projekt "Konst längs Nossan", startade en konstförening 2007 där jag sitter som ordförande, medlem i Svenska Konstnärsförbundet, BUS och i Nossangruppen.
Rika Maja Duevel, painter. Marocco
Rika Maja Duevel Rika Maja Duevel Rika Maja Duevel
The inspiration for my paintings comes from my daily experience. I have come to find that my thoughts and mind bleed onto my canvas. I allow myself to embrace or let go of each experience by sharing a piece of it with others. My wish, is that the observer might be able to pull their own experience from each painting.
I was born in Stavanger, Norway on December 5, 1983. Growing up (born and raised in Norway) and attending an International School, has kept my eyes open to the world around me. Surrounded by the icy fjords and mountains reminded me that there were always new adventures to be had just over the next mountain or path. All you have to do is have the guts to keep moving.
I am a global nomad and this triggers the seed of my work. My travels around the world took me to Massachusetts, where I received my Bachelors in studio art from the liberals arts school Wheaton College. Next I continued on to Orlando, where I continued to paint, test my limits, and techniques of painting. Then I moved on to Cambridge, Massachusetts, where I completed on a Masters in Art Education at Lesley University. I currently reside in Rabat, Morocco where I teach art to high school students and continue to paint.
June 5 -18, 2010
Anna Dellermalm, painter. Sweden
Anna Dellermalm Anna Dellermalm Anna Dellermalm
Utbildad vid Konstakademin i Warszawa 1971-1977. Bosatt i Sverige sedan 1981.
Min konst uttrycker min fascination av naturens oändliga rikedom av färger, former och strukturer. Med dessa som utgångspunkt skapar jag en kedja av visuella omvandlingar.
Sedan några år arbetar jag med akryl på varierande underlag med reliefliknande inslag.
Min första separatutställning ägde rum 1981. Sedan dess har mina arbeten presenterats på separat- och samlingsutställningar i Norden, Polen, Tyskland, Italien, Schweiz, Frankrike, Österrike, Tjeckien, Storbritannien och USA.
Jag är medlem i KRO.
Lidija Ivanek-SiLa, painter. Croatia
Lidija Ivanek Lidija Ivanek Lidija Ivanek
I was born in Zagreb, Croatia. I finished the University of Veterinary Medicine and for 13 years worked as a DVM. I am Christ oriented and by His guidance I started to paint. In 2007 art becomes my only profession. My artworks are made with acrylics on different mediums and I photograph, too. Lately I have been experimenting with egg tempera and pigments or pastels.
Abstraction is my way of expression. I use strong colors, wide brushes or palette knifes and fingers. Often I used a lot of red and black. I love to mix colors directly on the canvas. My horses have become a figure that people recognize as mine. My artworks are expressions of all the events that affect me daily, and are a response of my soul to that, whether they are praises or prayers to God.
My artistic signature is SiLa and I use it to sign all of my paintings as a gratitude to God and my husband Sinisa, who shares with me good and bad times.
Johanna Virtanen, painter. Finland
Johanna Virtanen Johanna Virtanen Johanna Virtanen
Fashion designer working in childrenswear.
Studies: Esmod Paris France, in early/ mid 80's.
Mediums: Oil, acrylics, aquarel, mixed media collages, charcoal, ceramics, digital art.
Edit Marczali, painter. Sweden
Edit Marczali Edit Marczali Edit Marczali
Född i Ungern 1946. Efter ekonomiutbildning arbetade jag med bokföring i 13 år och som sekreterare i 12 år. På fritiden målade jag porslin och möbler med ungerska folkloristiska motiv. Jag kallades för folkkonstnär och hade flera utställningar. Särskilt populära blev mina tallrikar med målade spetsmotiv.
1992 flyttade jag till Sverige och Lidköping. Jag bjöds in till porslinsfestivalen i Skara där jag visade min teknik för flera hundra porslinmålare från hela Norden.
Men när min syn försämrades kunde jag inte längre måla de små och krävande spetsmotiven. Istället började jag måla olja på duk och försökte tillägna mig tekniken genom olika böcker. Men snart sökte jag mig till en målarkurs på Medborgarskolan och träffade Catherine Rogers Jonsson, en konstnär från USA som nu bor i Lidköpingstrakten. Vi fick bra kontakt och blev vänner. Jag lärde mig mycket av henne och gör så fortfarande.
May 22 - June 4, 2010
Ann-Christin Johnsson-Nordh, painter. Sweden
Ann-Christin Johnsson-Nordh Ann-Christin Johnsson-Nordh Ann-Christin Johnsson-Nordh
Painting I have done since I was thirteen. Oil was the first medium that I came into contact with. I also use acrylic, watercolor, pastel and charcoal as a means of expression.
Also working with graphics and monochrome photos.
Lena Sundbaum, painter. Sweden
Lena Sundbaum Lena Sundbaum Lena Sundbaum
Oliver Dumont, painter. Belgium
Oliver Dumont Oliver Dumont Oliver Dumont
Olivier Dumont is a Belgian artist born in 1971 who was the victim of a very bad accident at the age of 12. His pictoral work kind of changed him, reconstructed him and made him quite a new man. His practice can be definited as intimately spontaneous ans highly personal reveals himself without any detour; bright colors make up for uncommun worlds that are left to free personal interpretation. His producton is quite abundant, nevertheless diversified, especially when it comes to tecniques and expression styles. On the whole, he gives priority to acylic and oil. For Olivier Dumont, painting is as important as breathing. It's the reason why he'll never stop after already seventeen exhibitions in several lands.
Ahmed Said - artist name SAID ART TINGATINGA, painter. England
Ahmed Said Ahmed Said Ahmed Said
Ahmed, he was born Somalia grow up in Tanzania, his father original from Tanzania, has been trying to establish himself as an artist in England since his move here in 1999. His brightly coloured paintings of traditional East African animals and scenery are individually hand crafted and beautifully made on different surfaces and textures.
May 8 -21, 2010
Lotta Engström Lodin, glass-ceramic artist. Sweden
Lotta Engström Lodin Lotta Engström Lodin Lotta Engström Lodin
Lotta is an artist with Glass as her foremost material. In her experimental way to work, glass has become the material who suits her best in her search after the artistic expression. Her hope is that her art will effect people in one or another way. Maybe it wakes up some questions for the observer, a reflection or it may wakes up feelings? A feeling, a thought- is the starting point for her work.
Dominik Czapka, painter. Czech Republic
Dominik Czapka Dominik Czapka Dominik Czapka
Secondary Art schoul in Prague
Academy of fine Arts in Prague, Intermedia
Academy of fine Arts in Pratur, Classical painting
Tereza Visinkova, painter. Czech Republic
Teresa Vizinkova Teresa Vizinkova Teresa Vizinkova
2003- Universidad de Castilla- la Mancha, Facultad de Bellas Artes, Cuenca, Spain (Erasmus- Socrates)
2002-2004 Academy of fine Arts in Prague, New Media II
1998-2002 Academy of fine Arts in Prague, Intermedia
1997- Pittman Intermediate exam in English, Great Britain
1993-1996 Secondary Art school in Ostrava, Painting studio
1992-1993 Maticni grammar school in Ostrava
Martina Katerina Ederova, painter. Czech Republic
Martina Katerina Ederova Martina Katerina Ederova Martina Katerina Ederova
I was painting and drawing from childhood. From 10 years of age I was pupil of *folk school of painting*.
One year after finishing primary school I was pupil of  *Sewing indentureship*. After that I attended *Secondary Art School * in Prague, subject Applied Arts Painting.
My next 6 years of studies were *Live Figure Drawing* and also *sculpture * in professor Sejka school.
I am interested in psychological infliction of colours on people and I also attended New Age University, the Czech school *Feng-Shui*.
Lisbeth Engelin Lindh, sculptor-ceramic, Sweden
Lisbeth Engelin Lindh Lisbeth Engelin Lindh  
Born in Bohuslän. Autodidakt. I started painting at an early age. My Grandpa taught me much about nature.
Color in, scenic inspiring, made me to want to shape my feelings, with my hands. Then there was the mud agility, movement, scent-expression.
Then came the requirements to stand on its own feet, the training that was closest to Color o Shape, became four-year Hair artist education with journeyman Letters and Crafts Letter to Stock Exchange in Gothenburg.
Longing to devote myself to art grew.
Sculpting became like a thread within me. In the early 80's I came in contact with an artist group in Dalsland and started sculpting. I have always been interested in culture and myths.
I worked with various themes, such as the seasons - the four elements.
Right now I develop further what is happening around us. Tutorials, courses on Gerlesborgs school, with different techniques.
Kerstin Eriksson, painter. Sweden
Kerstin Eriksson Kerstin Eriksson Kerstin Eriksson
On completion of my education, including my time at the University College of Arts Crafts and Design, I made a vain attempt to ”stop being creative”, but soon realized that there was no point in trying: I just could not find the same satisfaction in anything more mundane. Have also studied calligraphy in Japan and Sweden and worked as an art teacher.
April 24 - May 7, 2010
Gallery Sigvardson
April 24 - May 7, national and international art works.
Gallery Sigvardson
April 10 -23, 2010
Nizamov Robert, painter. Russia
Robert Nizamov Robert Nizamov Robert Nizamov
20.04.1970 was born in a city of Kazan Russia
1985—1992 Studied in the Kazan Art school at teachers Hamidullin A. G. and Vagapov M. A.
1992—1998 Moscow State Academic Art Institute named after V.I. Surikov (the Surikov art institute in Moscow) workshop of theatrical painting of Kurilko-Ryumin M. M, Lebedeva R. I. and a workshop of monumental painting of Maksimov E. N, Lubennikov I. L.
Since 2001 a member of the Moscow Union of Artists
Since 1998 worked in creative group ARTELGOUP
Lives in Moscow, Russia
Kirill Iakovlev, painter. Russia
Kirill Iakovlev Kirill Iakovlev Kirill Iakovlev
Kirill Iakovlev, was born 1961 in St. Petersburg. Lives in Khabarovsk, Moscow.
Has ended children's art school in Khabarovsk.
In 1984 graduated from Khabarovsk Polytechnic university, department of the architecture.
Works as the designer of interiors, and engaged in the fine arts.
Has mastered the original technique as oil through silkscreen “silkscreenpaint”.
Since 1988 the participant of some exhibitions, group and personal, in Khabarovsk, Vladivostok, Moscow, St. Petersburg.
Since 2008 a member of the Artist’s Union of Russia.
Lyudmyla Lansby, painter. Lolland-Danmark
March 13 - 26, 2010
Sorin Dumitrescu Mihaesti, painter. Rumania
Sorin Dumitrescu Sorin Dumitrescu Sorin Dumitrescu
Sorin Dumitrescu Mihaesti (born in 1961) is a representative painter for the evolution of the Romanian fine arts of the last quarter of century.
At first, placed under the sign of the figuration, his painting suffered the specific shifting of the present day art towards non-figuratism, to a sui generis geometrism. It’s not the matter of a shallow geometrism, but a fanciful one, bathed in spectacular chromatic reverberations. But beyond the idea of figurative or non-figurative, his painting is characterized by an out of common feeling for color and an exacerbated sensibility which distinguishes him from the other artists.
Even if in his painting there is a temptation towards a certain decorum, the chromatic solution with its richness of groups, bold juxtapositions and unusual contrasts, now striking, now silent – is the one which dominates.
For Sorin Dumitrescu Mihaesti, the color is the correspondent of his mood; it is an ultra sensitive seismograph which readily answers his mood – sometimes euphoric, sometimes melancholic.
Birim Aksüyek, painter. Turkey
Birim Aksüyek was born in Bursa, in 1958.
He graduated from Veterinary Faculty of Ankara University in 1981.
In 1990, he received his Doctorate Degree on “The Performence of Racehorses” in Health Sciences Institution of Ankara University and he baceme a Science Doctor.
He is watercolor, acrylic and oil color artist. He is working about free horses.
Anatoly Gaystruk, painter. Ukraine
Anatoly Gaistruk Anatoly Gaistruk Anatoly Gaistruk
Anatoly Gaystruk was born in May 21, 1996. He began to draw at six ages. Today the boy studies in the 8-th grade of Vinnitsa school-lyceum and visits studios of such artists as Irina Popenko, Elena Kizimova and Svetlana Telec. Besides, Anatoly has finished music school class "synthesizer" and is seriously engaged in chess having the first adult degree. But still the main passion of a young artist is fine art.
Painting, graphic arts, art textiles, doll arts – his achieving in these kinds of art is strong and irrefutable, which is proved by his numerous victories in many national and international art competitions and festivals (Moscow, Kyiv, Tokyo, Budapest, Paris etc.).
Striking another, the dimension of his work – is a tapestry. So, what people learn over the years and decades, he has mastered just in a month.
His creativity and ability to see colors and the results of future masterpiece are unbelievable! Because, his masterpiece – is the mapping of not only the artist's soul but the whole Universe, her past, present and future, because the art of tapestry - a vision not only in space but in time.
Read more about the young artists here
Tulin Demiray, painter. Turkey
Tulin Demiray Tulin Demiray Tulin Demiray
Tulin Demiray was born in Istanbul on Mar. 14, 1948. She graduated from Trabzon high school as her father was assigned as military ophthalmologist there.
She studied painting at the Academy of Fine Arts and was trained by Adnan Coker and Bedri Rahmi Eyuboglu. She also studied etching with Sabri Berkel during that time. She graduated from Bedri Rahmi Eyuboglu workshop in 1970. She has been having several group and personal exhibitions since then. She had a certificate of studying litoghraphy with Prof. Werner Otte, at Salzburg International Summer Academy of Fine Arts in 1986.
She won second prize in the Tekel Art Competition. She took place in the Who is Who in Turkey, Plastic Artists Encyclopedia in 1987 and 1988 editions by Kaya Onsezgin and Publication of 500 Turkish Plastic Artists prepared by Prof. Ayla Ersoy. Her paintings take place in several private collections both at home and abroad.
After graduation of Academy, she taught art at many educational institutions and has been carrying on painting at her workshop at Goztepe, Istanbul.
February 27 - March 12, 2010
S Nimbalkar, painter. India. | Click here to see image and CV
Haren Thakur, painter. India | Click here to see image and CV
Kishore Roy, painter. India | Click here to see image and CV
Laxya Pal Singh Rathore, painter. India | Click here to see image and CV
Februar 13 - 26, 2010
Tommy Michael Jensen, painter. Denmark
Tommy Michael Jensen Tommy Michael Jensen Tommy Michael Jensen
Først og fremmest er jeg en selvstuderet røver -  men uddannet som lærer på KDAS i 1988 med liniefag i bl.a. billedkunst. Har derfor i mange år haft en pædagogisk tilgang til det at skabe billeder. Siden kravlestadiet og blyantens opfindelse, har jeg kradset i alt – og med min morfars hjælp: tegner, bryggeriarbejder og maler, Børge Jensen (aldeles ukendt), havde jeg en lærermester, der kunne tegne med fotografisk præcision, og han indførte mig i naturalismens genskabende univers, næsten til den absurde perfektion.
African art, Ghanesian bronze plaques, masks, drums, costume jewelery etc.
Ghana masks Ghana drum Ghana artwork
Art & art craft from Ghana.
Emmanuel Ekefrey, painter. Nigeria
Emmanuel Ekefrey   Emmanuel Ekefrey
Emmanuel Ekong Ekefrey, Painter. Nigeria
Emmanuel Ekefrey bears witness through his paintings to powerful attachment to his own Ibibio culture, akin to the Igbo group which occupies the southeastern part of Nigeria.
The most striking formal characteristic of Ekefrey's paintings is the use of large-sized canvases left unstretched.
Holger Stenfors, painter, Rødby-Denmark.
Jan Sørensen
, sculptor. Nysted-Denmark.
Januar 2-15, 2010
Morten Gaarden , painter. Denmark
Morten Gaarden Morten Gaarden Morten Gaarden
Morten Gaarden.
My inspiration expresses things about and around myself. I am a happy, positive and spontane person. Some have described my style as wild, but in it's own calm way - And that is a really good way of expressing it, I think.
When my style was publiced by help of my website, I found out that my works contributed with much attention. Before I knew it, I had sold my first painting.
If you want to describe my style in a more art-fashion-way, it is Abstract, but also with a touch of Expressionism. I would like to offer more to my paintings than just colors. It has to move something inside you. This style represents a lot of things, which I like myself, and things that I can recognize. A spark which makes me feel that it is not just a canvas with colors on.
And to me my style gives me these feelings.
Jan Sørensen, sculptor. Denmark
Jan Sørensen Jan Sørensen Jan Sørensen
I was born in Alkestrup, Denmark in 1949. I am a carpenter by trade. I played football for 10 years in the Danish Premier League and toured with the national team. Injury ended my sporting career.
I have always enjoyed carving in wood. I used to make items for my family and friends.
I moved to England in 1990, where I continued to pursue my love for carving. I started sculpting in 1994. I lived in East London with my wife Monica who is my great love from childhood. I am now a grandfather of twin boys.
We have now moved back to Denmark, near Nysted Lolland, where I have my new studio, and opened our new Gallery, Gallery Garrelts
Francesco Agresti, USA
Birim Aksüyek,Tyrkiet
Per Fernhagen, Sverige
Tomas Johansson, Sweden
Nikola Raspopovic,Portugal
Prof. Sevgi Soylu Koyuncu,Tyrkiet
Erika Wain, Hollywood,USA
Sylvestre Zoungrana, Burkina Faso
Exhibition Januar 2010
Morten Gaarden
, painter, Denmark - Jan Sørensen, sculptor. Denmark
Francesco Agresti, USA - Birim Aksüyek,Tyrkiet
Roger Cummiskey, Spain - Per Fernhagen, Sverige
Nikola Raspopovic, Portugal - Prof. Sevgi Soylu Koyuncu,Tyrkiet
Erika Wain, Hollywood,USA - Sylvestre Zoungrana, Burkina Faso
Tomas Johansson,Sweden
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