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October 1-21, 2011
Davor Vuković , Croatia

Davor Vuković

Davor Vuković

Davor Vuković

Davor Vuković, born in 1951, Croatian painter and author, winner of The Medal of the City of Zagreb for painting (1985) and The Medal of the Town of Zaprešić for literature (2004).
In more than twenty years of artistic activity he realized more than fifty one-man exhibitions in Croatia and also represented Croatia in one-man exhibitions in Lyon, London and Zurich from 1999 to 2003. In New York he exhibited three times from 2009 to 2010.
At the closure of Recent works of Croatian Association of visual artists (HDLU) Exhibition in Zagreb, in 2006, he qualified in the first 20 of total 174 authors. Evaluation was done by Croatian Association of visual artists committee.
He published four graphic portfolios in 2010. He published his first monographs called "Darko Glavan / Davor Vuković"and promoted book by academic Tonko Maroević in "Mimara" museum in Zagreb.
Some of his paintings are to be found in public collections of Croatian national parks Risnjak, Paklenica and Plitvice Lakes, some in museums throughout Croatia, in Croatian embassy in London and embassies of the United Kingdom, Austria, and China in Zagreb, town hall in Zaprešić, sacral and public institutions, and in private collections around the world. Vuković's poetry has been awarded many times. In 2004 he published his first collection of poems called «Gatara» («Fortune-teller»)(published by «Matica Hrvatska Zaprešić»). The book was promoted in Association of Croatian writers in Zagreb.
Davor Vuković is a member of Croatian Association of visual artists and Croatian Composers Society.
Anthony (Ton) Lindhout, Netherlands
Anthony (Ton) Lindhout Anthony (Ton) Lindhout Anthony (Ton) Lindhout
I was born in the Hague, The Netherlands. These days I live in Emsland in the North of Germany.
Before I start to work in my studio I love to walk with my friendly brown Labrador Gino.
It is a great time for contemplation and it frequently inspires me. We explores the fields around our home, the hills further away or the seashore; all have different light.
My thoughts and inspirations often mirror the change of the seasons that is so clear when you live in rural countryside. But music and poetry also plays vital parts in bringing the creative processes together.
The conciseness that, mankind, is plundering nature and environment gives me a commission to showing my landscape paintings, just as a reminder what we have lost or what is still there...
Anthony Lindhout
Rianne Van Putten, Netherlands
Rianne Van Putten Rianne Van Putten Rianne Van Putten
As a self taught artist I’ve been inspired by the old masters as on how they used color and light. In my art I’m searching for the perfect balance between color and light to emphasize the beauty and characteristics of the human body.
Inspirations for my paintings come from people, experiences good and bad and observing daily life.
Aernout Voorthuijsen, Netherlands
Aernout Voorthuijsen Aernout Voorthuijsen Aernout Voorthuijsen
Born 1955 and educated at art academies in The Netherlands.
The Holy Scriptures and heavy rock-music have a major influence on my thinking. I play the electric (bass) guitar and make long walks for inspiration. In nature one can see the greatness of the God of Israel, see Romans 1 in the New Testament.
Wonderment is a necessity for the creative process.
Henja Kerkhof, Netherland
Henja Kerkhof Henja Kerkhof Henja Kerkhof
Henja Kerkhof. Born in 1985 The Netherlands.
I am a self taught artist and had my first exhibition in 2003. My work is caught by the line.
The line is never straight, is inspired by nature, life, flows, is!
Mysterious, elusive and full of feeling.
The combination of color and shape calls emotion and touches you on a deeper level, beyond the conventional and conscious.
Liesbeth Oudshoorn, Netherland
Liesbeth Oudshoorn Liesbeth Oudshoorn Liesbeth Oudshoorn
Liesbeth was born in 1954 in Voorschoten Netherlands and studied at Business School Nederland and at Nyenrode University.
She attended a masterclass at the professional artist Helma Kotoun ( which has given her the startup of her recent series.
From 1984 Liesbeth has made drawings and in 2005 she started painting. She is autodidact, however she attended several masterclasses with several artists and schools.
Nature and animals are recurring themes in Liesbeth’s work. Her works are inspired by Corneille, Helma Kotoun and others.
Using strong and powerful colours, her abstracts come alive from her imagination into your mind.
September 3 - 23, 2011
Kane Bengtsson, Sweden
Kane Bengtsson Kane Bengtsson Kane Bengtsson
Born and live in Hishult, Halland. Member of Konstliv Halland.
Exhibitions: Stockholm, Laholm, Linköping, Malmö och Hanoi i Vietnam mm
Kardia Heuvel, The Netherlands
Kardia Heuvel Kardia Heuvel Kardia Heuvel
In my paintings I try to show different human emotions. By means of my massage practice I came into contact with all kinds of people and felt their emotions, which I feel I need to paint.
I got my education as a painter at Anneke van der Meer's Atelier du Jardin, in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.
I use several techniques, mainly acryl, and prefer to use large formats.
Antje Solf, Netherland
Antje Solf Antje Solf Antje Solf
Antje Solf was born in 1956 in Stadthagen, Germany.
Antje started here education for five year at the Institute of General Art in Delfzijl and private lessons from several professional art painters. Antje makes realistic paintings with abstract accents.
She loves nature with its beautiful colars, shapes and structures. Light, shade and contrast are strongly expressed in the paintings and eyes can fascinate here. The eyes of the animals are the “living contact” to the viewer.
She exhibits throughout Europe since 2003. In 2010 she received an Europeen award “Diplome D´Honneur” for her work during an exhibition in Bellfort in Brugge. Antje is a member of Art Association “ Foundation KAT”, Ten Boer.
Liesbeth Oudshoorn, Netherland
Liesbeth Oudshoorn Liesbeth Oudshoorn Liesbeth Oudshoorn
Liesbeth Oudshoorn was born in 1954 in Voorschoten Netherlands and studied at Business School Nederland and at Nyenrode University.
She attended a masterclass at the professional artist Helma Kotoun ( which has given her the startup of her recent series.
From 1984 Liesbeth has made drawings and in 2005 she started painting. She is autodidact, however she attended several masterclasses with several artists and schools.
Nature and animals are recurring themes in Liesbeth’s work. Her works are inspired by Corneille, Helma Kotoun and others.
Using strong and powerful colours, her abstracts come alive from her imagination into your mind.
Lucie Van Schaik, Netherland
Lucie Van Schaik Lucie Van Schaik Lucie Van Schaik
Lucie van Schaik, a Dutch painter, described herself once as “a voyeur of the sad and evil sides of mankind “.
She is educated at the Academy of Arts Arnhem. After this study of 5 years, graduated in 1989.
Did also a two year master class given by Robert Terwindt, a known Dutch artist.
This is what she tells about her work: “my paintings and drawings are portraits of destruction and domination. It is not the intention of my paintings to please the spectator.
They (my paintings) will ask you to look inside, instead of outside: we all humiliate, destroy, and are trying to be better than another human being (or an animal !), often to avoid own pain”.
In several of her themes: such as The Mauthausen Serial, The Bhurka Serial, The Child Serial, The Stones and Bones Serial, The Fly or Fight Serial you can see what she means by this.
The above shown works belong to her extensive serial Fly-Hide-Fight 2011.
The titles she gave these three:
1- flying in fear. 2- hiding in searching for the future 3- fighting in agony.
Anita Persson, Sweden
Anita Persson Anita Persson Anita Persson
Anita was born 1943. She began her artistic career relatively late in life. 1989 spent Anita and her husband Bengt two tumultuous weeks of vacation on Vedic Art School, which opened a whole new world. The training focused on the creative process rather than painting craftmenship. After only a few weeks Anita began to get pictures from her heart.
Images that are ready in shape and color and make Anita to automatically think thoughts of a better world, in both large and small. Each painting is about something specific in our world that should work better.
Anita has chosen not to name the paintings based on these ideas. She wants to give the viewer maximum opportunity to associate freely.
Anita and Bengt have developed EQ-painting, the painting of emotions,with unique methods for emotional wellness and personal development. They have educated over 1,500 people since the start in 2000.
August 6 - 26, 2011
Pavel Choros, Czech republic
Pavel Choros Pavel Choros Pavel Choros
Annette Alsiö, Sweden
Annette Alsiö    
West Surrey College of Art & Design, BA (hons), Farnham, England
Tyler School of Art, Philadelphia, USA
Since 1987 I have my own glasstudio where I blow, fuse and cast glass.
Member of the Swedish Glass- Academy
" In order to create variety in my products, I use different techniques, resulting in either blown, cast or ungsformat flat glass."
Ingrid Almquist, Sweden
Ingrid Almquist Ingrid Almquist Ingrid Almquist
"As an image maker, I work in technology collografi. Each print is unique and there is only one copy, but often I press an image into different color schemes.
When I want to make objects / sculptures / installations again, I use discarded materials.
At flea markets and scrap yards do I wasted things that triggers my imagination and create desire. I use everything from old lampshades to car parts!"
Lasse Frisk, Sweden
Lasse Frisk Lasse Frisk Lasse Frisk
Born 1945 in Nässjö
Nyckelviksskolan, Stockholm 1964-65
Grundskolan för konstnärlig utbildning 1965-66
Konstfackskolan, Stockholm 1966-70
Berit Johansson, Sweden
Berit Johansson Berit Johansson Berit Johansson
Berit Johansson is a designer that has been designing glass since the late 60s.
She has worked for Orrefors. Today she works as a freelancer and for Reijmyre Glassworks in Sweden and Salviati in Venice, Italy.
She has an exiting shape expression and bright and strong colors often distinguish her works. She gets her inspiration from Italy, England, USA and Sweden.
Her own design is blown by master glassblower Ulf Johansson. Berit Johansson is represented at the Corning Museum of Glass in Corning, USA.
Martti Risku, Sweden
Martti Risku Martti Risku Martti Risku
" Martti Risku är född 1962 och uppvuxen i Torneå norra Finland,redan tidig han hade intressen inom konst, mest inom måleri. 1980 flyttade till Sverige, Borås och -86 till Göteborg .
Har över tio års erfarenhet som Smed och metallkonstnär och senareåren har haft flertal utställningar mest i Västsverige men även deltagit i metallkonstutställningar i Holland &Tyskland."
Christina Thorsson, Sweden
Christina Thorsson Christina Thorsson Christina Thorsson
I am painting in oil- and watercolours.
I am also working with colographies and glass.
July 2 - 22, 2011
Johnny Augustsson , Sweden
Johnny Augustsson Johnny Augustsson Johnny Augustsson
Målar i alryl, akvarell och gör objekt. Allt i en mycket expressiv stil. Jobbar med kroppen, tanken hinner inte med utan kommer på sladden.
Maria Tjärnström, Sweden
Maria Tjärnström Maria Tjärnström Maria Tjärnström
Estetiska programmet, Konst & formgivning. Ådalsskolan 1993 - 1996
Fil Mag med arkeologi som huvudämne, Umeå universitet 1996 - 1999
Bildjournalistik / dokumentär fotografi, Hola folkhögskola 1999 - 2000
Ett flertal kortare akvarellkurser, bland annat i GreklandJag är född 1977 och bosatt i Ådalen, Kramfors kommun.
Sedan jag var stor nog att greppa en penna har jag skapat bilder. Mitt huvud är ständigt fullt färger och intryck som tar sig olika uttryck genom mina hänäder.
Inspirationen till mitt skapande hämtar jag ofta i skog och mark, under jaktturer och vandringar. Jag är också fascinerad av naturfilosofi och förhistoria, inte minst den konst våra förfäder lämnat efter sig på berg och block i form av hällbilder. Mina tankar kring detta är ett ofta återkommande inslag i min konst.

Till yrket är jag arkeolog, kulturvetare och konstnär. Akvarellmåleriet är mitt främsta medium, men jag arbetar även med fotografi, teckning, digital konst, skulptur och hantverk.
Den senaste tiden har jag allt mer börjat utforska de olika pigmentens inneboende energier i akvarellmåleriet.
Riitta Keski Panula Larsson, Sweden
Riitta Keski Panula Larsson Riitta Keski Panula Larsson Riitta Keski Panula Larsson
Riitta Keski-Panula Larsson är född och uppvuxen i Kemi, Finland. Flyttade till Sverige 1980. Utbildad förskollärare i Norrköping. Har jobbat 13 år med barn och 10 år med autistiska ungdomar.
Jag blev intresserad av konst 1998 då jag började måla med porslinsfärger. Senare fick jag intresse att skriva sagor och illustrera dom. Så under fem års tid har jag tagit kurser i oljemålning på folkuniversitet.
Jag vill med mina illustrationer och texter ge budskap om hur vacker vår planet är. Hur människan kan skapa ett liv med glädje. Livet är ju glädjes väg och vänskap med djuren berikar vår tillvaro. Vill också sprida tankar om naturskydd och dess skötsel.
Genom sagorna vill jag uppfostra barnen socialt: tex. lära barnen att ta hänsyn till andra, att man ska visa respekt och vara en god vän.
Fieke de Roij, the Netherlands
Fieke de Roij Fieke de Roij Fieke de Roij
Fieke de Roij works as a sculptor.
From 1994, she has focused on working in natural stone. In her own atelier in Utrecht she gives lessons sculpting. She studied for teaching Fine Art at the University of Applied Sciences Utrecht and years later 3D at ‘De Vrije Academie Werkplaats voor Beeldende Kunsten’ in The Hague, an independent art institute.Fieke draws her inspiration from the material itself. She uses all kinds of stone she has collected over time. With the stone come the ideas.
Her images are clear and simple, mostly abstract. They arise intuitively, by combining shapes and materials, always searching for a powerful image. By editing the surface she brings the stone to life (rough-smooth, polished-in structure, dark-light).
They are not scuptures that want to be beautiful or tempting. They give the viewer space for its own interpretation.
Unni Lørdahl Rasmussen, Norway
Unni Lørdahl Rasmussen Unni Lørdahl Rasmussen Unni Lørdahl Rasmussen
I am born in Norway and educated within Chemistry and Marketing. After working 19 years in the Pharmaceutical Business, I decided to take care of my familiy full time after moving to Vienna, and later to Casablanca. I have been living in Sarpsborg, Norway since 1999.
I have always been interested in drawing, and started painting in 1990. In 2003 I started my academic training in classic realistic oilpainting, and since then I have been painting full time.
I`ve been studying 10 weeks at Florence Academy of Fine Art: Drawing, portrait and figure.
I also do drawings in charcoal.
June 4 - 24, 2011
Erja-Riitta Salonen , Sweden
Erja Riitta Salonen Erja Riitta Salonen Erja Riitta Salonen
Född i Rovaniemi,Finland år1947, flyttade till Sverige 1968
Fil.kand i konstnärliga ämnen, konsthistoria,filmvetenskap,psykologi och musikforskning
utbildad bildterapeut, Bildlärarexamen år 1991
Har gjort tre resor till Grönland,åren 1996,2001 och 2009, reser mycket,jorden runt 2007
Arbetar som bildlärare i Södertälje
Förra året 2009 åkte Erja-Riitta Salonen och Tarja Trygg till östra Grönland, till Ilulissat ,Uummannaq och ön Saattut.
Syftet var att fotografera ställen som Erja-Riitta hade besökt för 13 år tidigare och fotograferat.
Problemen dök upp eftersom båtturerna gick inte längre till Uummannaq utan vi fick åka med helikopter.
Turisterna var väldigt få utom de som kom med kryssningsfartygen och stannade i några timmar i land.
Vi fotograferade isberg, besökte Grönlänningar i deras hem, lyssnade på unga människor om deras framtidsdrömmar.
Det var inga turistbåtar för oss för att vi kunde besöka ön Saattut ,utan vi fick fråga en fiskare att köra oss dit.
Resan gick bra fast vi var rädda för de stora vågorna och isbergen som såg hotfulla ut. Efter en och en halv timme var vi i lilla byn Saattut.
Där fann vi en vacker utsikt och såg isbergen kalva.I byn bor ca 200 människor.
Färändringar i livsstilen kan ses överallt. Mobiltelefoner och internetanvändning har kommit överallt på Grönland.
Ungdomar vill inte klä sig i traditionella kläder utan som andra Europeer.Matvarorna ändras, hamburgerställen är populära.
Klimatet har blivit varmare. Husen byggs med terasser. Glasiärerna smälter i snabb takt.
Grönland försöker bli ekonomiskt oberoende av Danmark.
Tarja Trygg, Finland
Tarja Trygg Tarja Trygg Tarja Trygg
Tarja Trygg is a Finnish artist. She works in Helsinki as a senior lecturer in the Aalto University, School of Art & Design, at the Department of Art.
She is writing her doctoral thesis on Solargraphy including the global pinhole art project of Solargraphy on the Net.(
Tarja Trygg´s licentiate thesis was entitled Valokuvan Lumo (The Fascination of A Photograph). In the pragmatist frame of reference — Art As Experience; (1999).
Her main interest on how to transform invisible into visible in photography continues nowadays through her doctoral studies.
She has had exhibitions since 2005 for example in Helsinki, Wellington NZ, Kyoto, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Rovaniemi Finland, Southend on Sea U.K., in the Month of Photography in Denver, Colorado, USA 2011.
The exhibition on Climate Change - Changing Greenland has been shown first time at the Arktikum, Rovaniemi, Finland, in summer from June to at the end of September 2010.
She has published Solargraphy – The art of catching the sun’s path through a pinhole camera (2008); The Ambiguity of A Picture — The Fascination Of A Photograph, Working Papers, University of Art and Design, Helsinki UIAH F 19; Pragmatist Viewpoints on Art: Proceedings of the AWE Symposium in Helsinki, June 2000; Opaskirja kouluille ja harrastajille (Tell It with Photographs. A Guide Book for Schools and Enthusiasts), WSOY. Porvoo, 1984.
Kennet Jarmo, Sweden
Kennet Jarmo Kennet Jarmo Kennet Jarmo
Kennet Jarmo, Helsingborg.
"Mitt måleri är för mej ett sätt att ge uttryck för mina visioner och inre tankar. Jag målar i en ganska strikt realistisk stil, men utnyttjar gärna den s.k. konstnärliga friheten för att ge mina motiv en surrealistisk touch. Min teknik är olja på duk eller pannå."
Helena Ferm, Sweden
Helena Ferm Helena Ferm Helena Ferm
Jag är lärare i konst och måleri. Jag älskar att vara i denna roll och det ger mig så mycket att vara den att väcka och vägleda människor i konstens värld. Jag har varit lärare i många år nu och mina elever har från tolv till åttio år. Men oavsett ålder eller bakgrund, är deras vilja och glädje för kreativitet alltid det samma. När inspirationen kommer till mig, välkomnar jag den med spänning och glädje. De bilder som har kommit till mig har varierat under åren gått. Men ett genomgående drag är naturens element. Just nu är det vatten, som dominerar. Vatten har en märklig makt som ger mig frid och styrka och havet omfamnar oss alla. Reflektioner, ljus och ett oändligt utbud av färger ger liv åt mina verktyg, penslarna i mina händer.
Detta är det element som alltid fascinerat mig mest.
Och ljus, det nordiska ljuset också speciellt för mig. Jag finns här .... mitt i ljuset.. det nordiska. Jag målar vad jag ser både utanför och inom mig, och jag föredrar att se det vackra omkring oss och inom alla. Jag vill att mina målningar ska förmedla en del av detta vackra och den glädje jag kände när jag skapade dem. Sedan är det upp till dig som betraktare att tolka och skapa din egen historia bakom ... Min historia finns där redan…. Jag vill att min konst ska sprida glädje och frid till alla människor i denna stressade värld vi lever i idag.
Ibland måste du stoppa världen för en stund ... och ta hand om din själ.
Konst är frihet
Sarah Jämtervik, Sweden
Sarah Jämtervik Sarah Jämtervik Sarah Jämtervik
Sponsored by Kultur Ungdom i Göteborg, Sweden Kultur Ungdom, Göteborg
Lauri Tuominen, Sweden
Lauri Tuominen Lauri Tuominen Lauri Tuominen
Född i Uleborg, Finland 1935. Bosatt i Sverige, Hälsingland sedan 1945.
Konststudier för bl.a konstnären Olavi Korolainen , Kemi, Finland samt för konstnären Åke Pernby, Stockholm.
Studerat måleri, skulptur och grafik vid folkhögskolans konstlinje i Gävle. New York Institute of Photography,
Professionelltl foto Diplom 1990. Studie- och arbetsresor i Finland, Danmark, Sverige, Lappland och Lofoten, Norge.
Representerad i kommuner, Konstföreningar och privatsamlingar.
Daniela Hallgren, Sweden
Daniela Hallgren Daniela Hallgren Daniela Hallgren
Jag har tecknat, målat och skapat i olika former under hela mitt liv.
Inspiration från omgivningen filtreras genom mina känslor och tolkas i mina verk.
Skapandet är en nödvändighet!

International Theme Exhibition in Gallery Sigvardson
May 14 - June 3, 2011.

Theme: Earth, Wind & Fire

Anne Gannon
Anne Gannon, USA
Alexander Ovchinnikov
Alexander Ovchinnikov, Russia
Maria Buchner
Maria Buchner, Australia
Daniel Boyer
Daniel Boyer, USA
Ann-Sofie Sjöholm
Ann-Sofie Sjöholm, Sweden
Christie Chew Wallace
Christie Chew Wallace, USA
Ellen Muchene
Ellen Muchene, Kenya
Jane Thuku
Jane Wambui Thuku, Kenya
Elliott Kaufman
Elliott Kaufman, USA
Anton Kushkov
Anton Kushkov, Russia
Nicola Morgan
Nicola Morgan
Ahmed  Eltahir
Ahmed Arabi,
United Arab Emirates
Seija Linden Hjelteig
Seija Linden Hjelteig, Norway
Holger Stenfors
Holger Stenfors
Heinz Roegner, Sweden
Heinz Roegner Heinz Roegner Heinz Roegner
Heinz Roegner föddes i Hannover, Tyskland 1935. Han är utbildad färgkemigraf och har gått tre år i konstyrkesskola. Medlem i Konstnärsförbundet Alliansen.
Efter två världsomseglingar med sju år på haven och sex Atlantseglingar är han nu bosatt på Hälsö i svenska skärgården. Heinz målningar skildrar den karga verkligheten i skärgården samt haven i olika stämningar; från våldsamt stormande hav till fullkomligt bleke.
Han målar huvudsakligen i olja men även akvareller.
Heinz har skrivit böckerna "Längtan till havet" och "Den stora friheten".
April 2 - 22, 2011
Natalija Pankratjeva, painter. Latvia
Natalija Pankratjerva Natalija Pankratjerva Natalija Pankratjerva
Was born in 1980. Vocational training has received at the Riga Art school, has ended a magistracy of branch of painting in the Art Academy of Latvia under a management of prof. A.Naumov and K.Zariņš.
I have taken part in exhibitions since 2000 year. Arranged set of personal exhibitions in Riga and abroad: the Blackhead House, the BIA, gallery “Arija”, Scotland, and also regularly took part in group exhibitions.
I am engaged in graphic arts, porcelain, pastel and icon painting. My works are submitted in private collections of Germany, Italy, France, Russia and Switzerland.
’’I have always painting, Ive always felt 100% me with a paintbrush or pencil in my hand. Art is the only thing I have ever felt completely confident with. I could not imagine my life without art.
My art is what I do and how I live. I paint the things around me, the things I know and feel comfortable with. My art is an acknowledgement of life, a confession of my feelings, and a celebration of the painting process.’’
“I like to play with oil colours on canvas” she says, adding, “my painting works are Landscape and Still Life. I want that People will be feeling the scent of flowers, taste of fruits in my Still Life and the wind in my Landscape”.
Katerina Pankratjeva, painter. Latvia
Katerina Pankratjerva Katerina Pankratjerva Katerina Pankratjerva
’’My work with art started when I was six years old when I started taking lessons in an Art Studio. In a present I work in my Art studio
I wanted to paint some of the places around the Latvia that I have always loved looking at; The beach, the city, the parks, and the people. The softness of the beach beside the hardness of the city is also fascinating to me. I am currently working with urban-landscapes the more.’’
Specialising in oil paint Jekaterina Pankratjeva eloquently applies his obvious talents to creating both, these wonderful still life paintings, and his urban-landscapes paintings and commissions with equal dedication. Jekaterina was born in 1980 and received vocational training at the Riga Art School and the Art Academy of Latvia under Professors A. Naumov and K. Zarins. She was trained in professional drawing by artists such as V. Karkunov and L. Perets. Along with painting, Jekaterina also works as a teacher. She has exhibited in a range of solo and group shows in Riga, Liepaja, Kuldiga, Saldus, Glasgow, London and Germany. She has works in various private and public collections in Europe.
Martine Ellertz, Sweden
Martine Ellertz Martine Ellertz Martine Ellertz
Martine Ellertz born and raised in Ghent, Belgium.
Education: Secretary, marketers and five languages.
Come to Sweden in 1980, has joined several art courses at the People's University Artcollege in Gothenburg.
Moving to Mölndal to get closer Göteborg.
"Exhibiting a selected number of paintings of my production. I paint mainly in oil and with very strong colors and acrylic mixed materials. I get my inspiration from nature and depict artificial objects."
Seher Eyri (Genc), Turkey
Seher Eyri Seher Eyri Seher Eyri
Graduate of Univercity of Anatolia Bilecik ceramic department Foundation of her basic studies were shaped here. Althou she was a ceramicist at the early stages of her career, she decided to express herself on canvas. Established her own studio in 2001.
Presently she is continuing her art classes at her own studio with her students. Beside her art career she has also been successful at gaining a BA in business enterprise.
Her ceramic background can be noticed at her paintings. She has her own style of combining the different color tones of raw earth with abstract figures. Observers almost can smell and witness the change of color tones of hot raw earth at her late paintings. She does not paint the canvas, she covers the canvas with paint and scrapes of to find the form in her mind.
March 5 - 25, 2011
Mariana Buletic, Sweden
Mariana Buletic Mariana Buletic Mariana Buletic
Mariana Buletic was born in Grac, Austria 1944. She live in Sweden since the mid 60's. She has worked on the Kem-lab. at the Central Hospital in Västerås in more than 30 years as a Biomedical analysts.
Painting has always been a great interest and passion and takes up much of her time.
" For my part, means art to discover myself, to create an identity and to share that experience with others.
I work mostly with oil on canvas and mixed media, with varying motives. My images range from portraits, landscapes and animals to "heavier" motifs with abstract / or symbolic content that is likely to cause a thought, an emotion or a recognition of the beholder."
Anatolyi Gaystruk, Ukraine
Anatolyi Gaistruk Anatolyi Gaistruk Anatolyi Gaistruk
Anatoly Gaystruk was born in May 21, 1996. He began to draw at six ages. Today the boy studies in the 8-th grade of Vinnitsa school-lyceum and visits studios of such artists as Irina Popenko, Elena Kizimova and Svetlana Telec. Besides, Anatoly has finished music school class "synthesizer" and is seriously engaged in chess having the first adult degree. But still the main passion of a young artist is fine art.
Painting, graphic arts, art textiles, doll arts – his achieving in these kinds of art is strong and irrefutable, which is proved by his numerous victories in many national and international art competitions and festivals (Moscow, Kyiv, Tokyo, Budapest, Paris etc.).
Striking another, the dimension of his work – is a tapestry. So, what people learn over the years and decades, he has mastered just in a month.
His creativity and ability to see colors and the results of future masterpiece are unbelievable! Because, his masterpiece – is the mapping of not only the artist's soul but the whole Universe, her past, present and future, because the art of tapestry - a vision not only in space but in time.
Aleksandra Avdieieva, Ukraine
Aleksandra Avdieieva Aleksandra Avdieieva Aleksandra Avdieieva
Aleksandra Avdieieva was born in 1997 in the Ukraine. She draws from 6 years, prefers work oil on canvas, graphic. During this time she becomes a multiple winner of regional, international picture contests. Aleksandra has 6 personal and many group exhibitions.
Holger Stenfors, Danmark
Holger Stenfors    
January 22 - February 4, 2011

24 artists from Turkey: Kamuran Ozdemir and
Altunay Geciroglu | Ali Altin | Ahmet Karadas | Aysen Cakir Engin | A(Atike). Gulay Durukan Er
Aysun Karasu | Banu Berker | Elif Filiz Baltaci | Emine Alisik | Erol Yildirim | Eyup Yildirim | Firuzan Kok
Gunay Aral | Gulumser Senturk | Harun Ari | Hakime Gulsoy | Nigar Dilek Aksakal | Pinar Sagirkaya
Reyhan Adalet Gok | Serhan Kerestecioglu | Senol Karaoglan | Tulay Gunaydin | Zeynep Sennur

Kamuran Ozdemir
Kamuran Ozdemir
Altunay Geciroglu
Altunay Geciroglu
Ali Altin
Ali Altin
Ahmet Karadas
Ahmet Karadas
Aysen Cakir Engin
Aysen Cakir Engin
A(Atike). Gulay Durukan ErA(Atike).
Gulay Durukan Er
Aysun Karasu
Aysun Karasu
Banu Berker
Banu Berker
Elif Filiz Baltaci
Elif Filiz Baltaci
Emine Alisik
Emine Alisik
Erol Yildirim
Erol Yildirim
Eyup Yildirim
Eyup Yildirim
Firuzan Kok
Firuzan Kok
Gunay Aral
Gunay Aral
Gulumser Senturk
Gulumser Senturk
Harun Ari
Harun Ari
Hakime Gulsoy
Hakime Gulsoy
Nigar Dilek Aksakal
Nigar Dilek Aksakal
Pinar Sagirkaya
Pinar Sagirkaya
Reyhan Adalet Gok
Reyhan Adalet Gok
Serhan Kerestecioglu
Serhan Kerestecioglu
Senol Karaoglan
Senol Karaoglan
Tulay Gunaydin
Tulay Gunaydin
Zeynep Sennur
Zeynep Sennur
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